Tuesday, November 19, 2013


It's really difficult to do a lot of typing with just one hand because it simply takes way too long, but since I had a mani in the wings, I thought I'd at least pop in to say "hi".

Surgery was last Wednesday, and it went pretty well, I think. I guess I won't really know for sure until time goes by and I see whether or not my arm goes back to proper working order. Bad news, my rotator cuff was torn which is what we were hoping would not be the case. He repaired that and also removed a bone spur. I guess just having the bone spur is what I was expecting based on the MRI. I don't go back in until the 3rd so hopefully I will get more info then since right now I feel like I know nothing. Other than it hurts like a mo-fo.

For some reason I thought that right after surgery sleep would be in my future. Wrong! Oh, so wrong. My arm still hurts much worse at night, and now it's stuck in a sling so I can't even move around to try to make it better. I did manage to sleep for 2 whole hours in a row last night. Sad though it is, that's a win at this point.

Before I had my surgery, I did this water marble specifically so I'd have something to post. I would have shown it before now, but it also hadn't occurred to me that trying to do a blog post with one hand would be time-consuming, and I just haven't had that kind of ambition. I miss doing it, though, so I'm sucking it up for today.
I started off with my fave neutral, OPI My Vampire is Buff.  I was in the mood for some kind of Army green and grabbed OPI Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window, OPI Stranger Tides and Sinful Colors Nirvana.

Looking at this is really making me want to do my nails. I did do one hand the other day because I had forgotten to do one for CNS that I had promised to get to them. It was a painful process just doing the one hand. I guess you don't notice how you're moving until you do it wrong. For now my nails are naked which is really bugging me, but I don't think it's worth hurting myself just to do them.

It's not like I'm going anywhere.


  1. Glad to see you are on the mend. Get well soon.

  2. I do love this mani!!! Glad you're not trying to over do things... just rest when you can... it'll all be better soon!!! :) **muah**

  3. Ooh wow, my fave colours! Love a good khaki green! Very happy to hear/see (?) from you! Bummer about the pain, I thought you'd have some lovely powerful narcotics that would see you having floaty days and coma type nights, reality sucks (′︿‵。) Glad it all went well though, let the healing begin! ( I am reading a book that proposes the power of thought, far from just healing our own bodies can also heal others how ever far away, so visualising your rotator cuff (um I'll google it!)and seeing it knit together as if if you were a super hero!)

  4. I'll be so glad when you are back to normal. Whatever normal feels like for you, you may not remember it's been sooooo long. Take care and wishing the sandman would pay you a long awaited visit. Love the water marble as usual.

  5. So sorry you are hurting right now, but you will be so much happier when it is all over, but remember not to push it! Let the shoulder heal and follow instructions or it will not heal right and you will be worse off! Believe me. I have had 4 surgeries on mine and this last one is about to kill me! They didn't know if they could fix it so we had to leave it alone longer and now I have to go in to have the scar tissue cut to release my arm. But, I have to save up the money for the surgery first. Anyway, back to my point, follow their instructions! Mine second third and forth surgeries, were from reinjuring, not from not following instructions.
    I luv, luv luv your nails!!! I so envy your talent!!!