Monday, May 5, 2014


As I told you in my last post, Kev managed to fix the hot and cold water problem in the new shower. Supposedly.

On Thursday morning I got up for work, and okay, I'll admit it....I was a smidge excited to step into that shiny new shower.  As I always do, I turned the water to hot to let it warm up while I put in my contacts, brushed my hair, yada yada. 

At this point I'm damn near giddy with excitement. I reach in to feel the water. ICE cold. What the what??? I thought it was fixed! So I waited and waited and waited. The water just stayed cold. Oh, fantabulous. Now what the hell happened?

Just for shits and giggles, I turned it to cold. Yup. Hot water. Evidently they mixed up that minor detail when they hooked up the water supply. You know, that thing where you hook the hot up to hot and cold up to cold. Plumber style. 

Oh, wait....they are plumbers. Jeebus H. Doesn't anybody ever get anything right?  I texted Kev to ask if he failed to notice that the hot and cold were backwards. His response, "Well, it depends on how you look at the handle." Um, okay. Every shower with a circular handle I've ever been in has to be turned all the way over to hot. Like where that little red symbol is that indicates hot unless you happen to be colorblind. He had me so confused that I left a note for Tyler to go in my bathroom and call me before heading back to Illinois. I'm sure she thought I was cray-cray. But good daughter that she is, she did as I asked. I asked her to turn the water on to hot and let me know what happens. As I expected, I'm not crazy. It's backwards.

Now, I can learn to live with this even though it's gnawing at the inside of my brain. I can practically feel myself losing brain cells as it eats away in there. I mentioned it to the furnace guy since it was his subcontractors that did that. He also agreed with me and said he would have them come back to fix it.  Two hours later he also decided that it "all depends on how you look at the handle" and said if I really wanted him to, he'd call the guy back or give me 50 bucks off the bill. Since they would have to crawl in through the laundry room wall to do it, I took the damn 50 bucks. 

I'm regretting that now. I may just ask Kev to do it. lol

Meanwhile, the new furnace was just a-humming along nicely. But for some weird reason, every time the new furnace kicks on, every bit of cold air from outside is coming inside through my fireplace. This is not a very good thing at all. I happen to be a smoker, and for the past 12 years, I sit in that fireplace and smoke so that no smoke gets into the actual house. I know that this works well because my mom can't smell smoke. And trust me when I tell you, if my house smelled even the tiniest bit of smoke, she would smell it from her house 10 miles away and then call me up to bitch me out.

So now if I'm in the fireplace and the furnace kicks on, the smoke blows right into the living room. Not cool. As I'm sitting in my recliner across the room that night, pouting about how I'm going to have to learn to speed smoke outside in 20 below weather in the winter, the furnace kicks on, and all I feels is all that cold air blowing into the room. I fail to see the benefit of a new energy efficient furnace if cold air comes in every time it goes on. Doesn't that kind of cancel out the whole energy efficient thing?

On Friday they came out to install the air conditioner. All of that went according to plan, believe it or not. Now we just need the electrician to come out and finish it up. No's still only in the 40's here.  While they were there, I mentioned the cold air through the fireplace thing because of the new furnace.  The guy looked at me like I had grown a second head and two extra noses.  He said there was no way that was possible.  Um, okay. I guess I was imagining it.  Turns out it was a good thing I mentioned it. He decided to go under the house just to see and noticed it was awfully warm under there. For some reason there was an entire section of duct work that wasn't connected. Once he hooked that back up, the problem was solved. Yay!!

Their bossman came to check out what was done and said he'd be back later to collect his money.  I had cleaned the entire house that morning but hadn't done my floors since they were coming in and out of the house. The laundry room floor was a disaster from all the work they had been doing so before using my steam cleaner, I got down on my hands and knees to clean up the worst of it.

Sweet Jesus....they did a teensie bit of damage to two of my floor tiles. Kill me. Kill me now. It's not major, and only I would notice such a thing. One is a little nick where the color is gone so it's now a white spot. I'd say it's about the size of a nail head. The one that concerns me is the next tile over where there's a weird round raised spot. It almost feels like a nail poking through except there are no nails. I feel like that one could for sure get worse just from people walking over it.

When my guy came to get his money, I mentioned it and showed him. Now, obvi I can't prove they did it or whether it was bathroom guys or furnace guys, but I know that one of them did it. He wanted to know what I thought he could do about it. I just told him I didn't necessarily think there was anything he could do, but he should for sure tell his workers to put down blankets or something to protect people's floors in the future. He gave me another 50 bucks. Even though he said his wife would notice something like that, too, I'm pretty sure he probably thinks I'm a complete raving, nitpicky psycho bitch even though I honestly was super nice about it all.  I do have extra tiles in the garage, so hopefully when they come to do the bathroom flooring, I can have them just replace those 2 tiles.

Like I say, it's always something! Just a non-stop comedy of errors every time we do something.  Whew!! Sorry that was so long, but I'm trying to tell these ever-so-funtastic stories as they relate to each other.

A few weeks ago one of my trouble-making nail friends posted on Facebook that Above the Curve was running a sale on one of their holo polishes. It's a gorgeous deep purple holo from their Doctor Who collection, and it's called The Silence. Since I made the mistake of looking at it, I decided to buy it since I've been such a good girl about not buying polish. And while I was buying that one, I noticed this one, "Slitheen". It is absolutely to.die.for.
Above the Curve Slitheen

Above the Curve Slitheen
 Above the Curve Slitheen
Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is one spectacular green holo. As always, the pics just can't do it justice. I loved it so much I never even did anything else to it. That is a very rare thing for me.  I wore it all by its lonesome for several days and never got tired of looking at it.

I haven't worn the purple one yet, but I have a feeling that will be one I wear all on its own, too. The formula on these polishes is great and even after wearing it for a few days, I had no tip wear at all.

If you don't have any Above the Curve polishes, I can safely say that you should rush right over to check them out on Facebook and then get your buying finger ready to add things to your cart. 

If you can get off of their page without buying more than one, I'll be surprised. 


  1. I love this color. I think you should just pretend it's opposite day whenever you take a shower. BTW I just ordered my nails today from CNS, I am so excited! I actually ordered them from Amazon Smile so I could get the charitable donation.

    1. Ooo, I am excited for you!! I just added you to the Custom Nails and Polish Tales group so be on the lookout for that. It's where we discuss all things CNS, tips, advice, questions about them. You'll find it very helpful.

      I feel like every day is opposite day. lol

  2. Thank you for such an entertaining post!!!! I can imagine how frustrating it is for you, but I had to laugh while I was reading it.....what a comedy of errors!!! I love ATC polishes and I love that they donate a portion to charities when we buy from them :)

    1. Oh, all this venting I do on here allows me to laugh at it all, too. It's just too ridiculous to believe sometimes...lots of head shaking going on over here. lol
      These are my first ATC's and I love 'em!

  3. This varnish is spectac! It must almost make up for all the home improvement shenanigans by itself!

  4. I know it's annoying when these things happen, but the way you wrote it makes me giggle. Are you still stuck with the reverse-labled shower? While you can possibly leave your shower like that, perhaps you can still ask someone to fix up your furnace. Either it wasn't installed properly, or wasn't placed right. It's not supposed to do that. Having it fixed now would lead to lesser problems come winter.

    Chris Meier @ Williams Mechanical

    1. Oh, they got the furnace thing figured out. Some duct work was separated under the house. As for the shower, we're leaving it reversed. I just don't care enough about it to make someone take the wall apart again. LMAO