Thursday, May 15, 2014


As if I wasn't already wasting a bunch of time with hummingbirds, now it's just become just a plain bird fascination in general. I'm like a crazy person, constantly going to the kitchen to look at the feeders and just standing there. My brain used to constantly thinking about nails; now it's focused on birds.

I'm not a gardener. Whatever the opposite of a gardener is, that would be me. I've never kept a plant alive for more than a month. My mom and sister are great; even my brother is. Evidently they scooped up all of the talent from that area of the gene pool. I got the looks and the brains instead. lol

I did decide, however, that my hummingbirds need flowers. Hopefully it will attract more of them as well as look pretty. I'm going to plant along the side of my garage which is under where my six feeders will be, and I need to plant more stuff along the front of the house. My daughter and hubby planted some a few years ago. And yes, I looked at them a few times so most of it is just dead stuff now.

Kev and I went to the greenhouse yesterday and spent close to $200 on flowers to plant. I even bought a pair of gardening gloves. I also got one huge Supertunia which I replanted in a large pot to put on the deck under my window feeder. The flowers are light and dark purple, and they are beautimous! It's too cold to plant the other stuff yet since.....wait for it....

....we might get snow tonight and tomorrow. Even I can't believe that. I'm calling bullshit. It's mid-May. Enough already!!

Last evening after dinner I was sitting in my recliner, constantly looking to the left at the kitchen feeder and then to the right at the picture window feeders. Quite a few times I'd have one boy on either side of the house. They always feed a lot before it gets dark out. I finally couldn't take it and went out on the deck to hold the feeder. When I first went out there were two flitting around the garage feeder. Then I heard one on my right, and a boy flew up close, then checked out the flowers and then left again without snacking from my feeder. I was freezing so I gave up for the night.

Or so I thought. I went back out about 20 minutes later, and my younger male came up, parked his cuteness and ate for a solid 3 minutes without moving. The wind was cold and my hands were going numb so I finally cleared my throat to get him to leave. It's just too much fun.

Over the years I've heard woodpeckers in the trees but have never actually seen one. I saw this weird big bird on the seed feeder. It was a woodpecker! Of course by the time I grabbed the damn camera he had flown up to the top of the utility pole. All I got was a fuzzy pic of his butt. This morning when I got up I looked out the window and that feeder was swaying like crazy! Lo and behold, the woodpecker was back! And once again that little shit took off before I could snap a picture. Annoying.

While I was making supper I did look out and see this little beauty. I've never seen one before, and I have two of them that are out there all the time now. I'm sure there are females of them out there, too, but as seems to always be the case, the females aren't cute.
How gorgeous is he?? While we immediately thought it was a bluebird, my more knowledgeable Facebook friends told me it's actually an Indigo Bunting. Never heard of it. Love it. He is amazing!

I also have a couple of these cute little chubsters hanging around that I've never seen before, White Crowned Sparrows.
So far I've seen two, and they'll both sit in that cedar forever. I never see them eat although judging from the bellies, they must.

Every day now I'm just expecting to see something I haven't seen before. I'm hoping for some more Cardinals or maybe some Orioles. I've never seen Orioles, but I know they're around here somewhere.

Awhile back I got some free nail foils from the Amazon seller I bought the foil topcoat from. While the application on this kind is nice and topcoat doesn't ruin them, I'm not really a fan. 
Butterfly water decals
I think my issue with these is that you really need to put them over a white polish, and I'm really not a fan of white polish unless I'm using it to marble, gradient or stamp. The flutterbies are cute-ish, tho!

My work day ended at noon. The water softener lady is coming over to once again try to figure out why our system still isn't working properly. I'm so over it. If this goes on much longer, they're going to have to get that thing out of my house. And I know just the place they can move it to, although I'm not sure they'll appreciate my "suggestion".

Before that we'll have to go get Kev's car from the mechanic. His car is having some work done on the brakes. 

You know, because we haven't spent enough money in the past month.

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  1. This is really cute, both the manicure and the birds :)