Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Don't pass out; I don't have a complaint in the world today. Well, unless you count the fact that I'm at work. And that's just a necessary evil I can't seem to weasel out of.

Our weather this weekend was gorgeous!! I really wish the pool was up and ready. Of course, once it goes up, who knows how long it will take to get the water right because of the new water softener. Once I get that straightened out, then I get to wait until the water is warm enough to actually use it. Bring on the sun so my solar rings can do their job.

Since I didn't have the use of my pool this weekend, I did blow up my raft so I could catch some rays on the half-finished deck. Lordie, it was hot out there! I don't usually lay outside without the pool. Now I know why. I was sweating my damn balls off. 

I was pretty shocked I got as pink as I did in a couple of hours. Usually already have my tan on from an unlimited month at the tanning salon before I ever hit the pool, so I never burn. I also hate laying on my stomach so I was red on one side and paper white on the back side. That was ever so attractive.  So yesterday I headed back out there and forced myself to lay on my stomach for an hour. That helped considerably. I am almost matching shades of pink now.

In the evenings I took about 45 minutes to sit out in front of the house to feed the hummingbirds, too. Happily they still seem very willing to come to me to eat. I love that feeling so much!

I was still wearing that make-out mani from the other day, but last night I decided it really was time to take it off. To Julep's credit, that sucker wore like iron, not even a smidge of tip wear.
China Glaze Lemon Fizz, Highlight of the Summer, Essie Play Date, QRS Cruiser, Barielle Pink Quartz, Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond, DRK-A stamp
Another success here....turned out just like it looked in my head. I started off with just one coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I didn't care if it was perfect or not because I knew I'd be going over it with other stuff.

The other stuff ended up being China Glaze's Lemon Fizz and Highlight of My Summer, Essie Play Date, QRS Cruiser and Barielle Pink Quartz.  I dabbed each of those on with saran wrap. I like doing that because it doesn't matter where anything goes.

After I stamped it with the DRK-A stamp, I decided that it just might need a teensie bit of glitter so I added one coat of Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond.

I should have skipped the glitter. It's fine with it, but I'm thinking I liked it better before it. That'll teach me to overthink. 

Well, truth be told, it probably won't teach me a thing.  Maybe it's the "old dog" syndrome that prevents me from being teachable.


  1. I love your nails, the watercolour affect is beautiful.

  2. Pretty! Pretty!!! :) No lecture on what that sun is doing to your skin... hee hee :)

    1. Yeah, save the lecture. I won't listen anyway. :P