Thursday, May 22, 2014


Here's my unsolicited advice. Take heed. Seriously.

If you ever plan to remodel anything,
              a)   Don't do it
              b)   Run away from home until it's done
              c)   Decide a budget for each room or item
              d)   Add at least $1,000 for each room or item
              e)   Keep plenty of kleenex handy for all of the crying you
                    will be doing

On Monday, the flooring peeps were supposed to start a four day stretch to do the bathroom floor, that stupid subway tiling thing for the side of the tub surround and then the bedroom flooring.

Before any of that could be started, Kevin had to take out our vanity so they could get to one section of the tub.  So on Sunday night, off he went to do remove it. 

OMG. What a complete piece of crap. I could make a better vanity than that thing. Once he took it out, it was painfully obvious that it was never going to go back in. So great; now what were we supposed to do.  Getting a new vanity would mean getting a new countertop for said vanity which would also mean that it would no longer match the tub surround I worked so hard on when I did the vanity countertop last year. 

After much discussion, I said (half jokingly) that we should just rip it all out and get a new tub.  15 minutes and a look at the Menard's website decided that issue.  For what it was going to cost for that stupid subway tile, we could buy a whole new freestanding bathtub.

Decision made. New tub it shall be. Now off to find a black vanity that goes all the way to the floor. Never.Gonna.Happen. At least not at any price we plan on paying.  The flooring guy was not pumped that we had to cancel at the last minute, but it isn't our fault our house is crap.

So out comes the tub that he worked so hard to refinish last year. It's so purdy, too....kind of sad to get rid of it, but whatevs. Then came the difficulty or removing the wood stuff that held the tub. Jeebus. Then we look at the weird-ass plumbing and wonder if that tub will even work. Had a plumber come over, and once again someone says they've never seen anything like it. He was successful, though, so that's a plus. Now I have a bathtub sitting in my living room while we wait for flooring. 

Now on we go to find a new black vanity. Silly me thought this should be a relatively easy task. Wrong again. Since that plumbing is also wonky, we need one that goes all the way to the floor. Good luck on that unless you're willing to spend a gazillion dollars. Kev went to Perk's to see what they have. They'll make us one for $400, which was lovely until you add in the price of a countertop, sink and install.

Like I said, pick a room and add at least $1,000. Every time.

In the midst of all this tomfoolery, Kev is putting the new decking on.  Also, lest I fail to mention it, our water system is STILL wonkified, too. 

I am hoping this weekend the weather will be as nice as they say it's going to be, and I'll attempt to plant my flowers without killing them. Lord knows, this black-thumbed idiot will probs screw that up. I bought a gorgeous supertunia in a hanging basket that I replanted in a big urn for the deck, and it's already looking sickly less than a week later. That's probably a "kiss that 40 bucks goodbye" sitch.

It should go without saying I haven't been doing much with my nails. Here's one from several weeks ago.
Too Cute-icle Enchanted Lagoon, Sinful Colors Black on Black, Llarowe LeaLac LLC-B stamp

Too Cute-icle Enchanted Lagoon, Sinful Colors Black on Black, Llarowe LeaLac LLC-B stamp

Too Cute-icle Enchanted Lagoon, Sinful Colors Black on Black, Llarowe LeaLac LLC-B stamp
Be honest; how gorg is this polish??  It's Too Cute-icle Enchanted Lagoon, and I am completely enchanted by it.  I did leave it on its own for a day before stamping on it with Sinful Colors black and the LeaLac B plate.

Those Too Cute-icle holos are just fantabulous!! I adore them.

My work day is almost over, and we're heading over to Perk's to finalize the vanity and countertop. While I was so looking forward to hunting for the sink of my dreams, I guess we're going with a solid surface undermount.  Color me sorta' saddy-pants on that.

Oh, and if I suddenly disappear, it probably means my laptop got burned up in the fire that "mysteriously" occurred on the outskirts of Escanaba.


  1. Always more work and $$$ than you plan! Love that holo polish tho :)

  2. Been there, done that. I know exactly what you mean. But the polish is gorgeous!

    1. Seems to be a common theme from everybody I talk to. Lame!

  3. Our bathroom water system is also F'ed, haven't been able to have a soak in the bath for 6 months :( Love the polish!

    1. The saddest part is I never even use the damn bathtub. It gets used maybe 6 times a year when Griffin is in town. LOL

  4. I was amazed that even crappy vanities are expensive. That is an awesome polish!

    1. I have pretty much decided everything is expensive, and most of it isn't worth buying.