Thursday, May 29, 2014


Minor bitch today. Just a minor one. Why does it take forever to get anything done? Just trying to get workers scheduled to start things at the house is like a second job for Kevin. I feel like I'm constantly asking him to call so-and-so to find out if they ever plan on doing the work we contracted them to do.  As a matter of fact, even though the ship has long since sailed, we're still awaiting an estimate from one of the local companies that came out to check out the a/c and furnace replacement. Seriously? It's been over a month since they were there. It must be nice to be just so damn rich you can just not even bother.

Second minor bitch. Not really minor in my opinion, I guess. We're still waiting for the solution on the water issue. Over the weekend I found the very beginnings of a stain in my brand new toilet. I managed to get rid of it, but I was on the verge of either full-blown panic or a complete throw myself on the floor tantrum. And still, we wait. I'm so effing over it. You had no problem taking our damn money; just do your mother-effing job that you guaranteed you'd do.

Next up, gardening. Just kill me.  Or should I say, just watch me kill the plants. I'll finally be getting them planted, but it appears as though some of them are already failing. I swear I didn't do anything bad to them! My $40 Supertunia is fading fast. I spent some time this morning googling that shit to see what to do. I'm not sure if I learned anything or not. For regular Petunias I learned a lot about deadheading them. One would think the same method would apply to Supertunias, but everywhere I look it says they don't need it. Methinks I'm a-stopping at Shopko on my way home to buy gardening scissors. I'm gonna' deadhead that bitch; can't hurt it more than it already is, I guess.

On a brighter note, the deck has stairs, and it's awesome! Sometimes I forget and still jump off the side. There's no railings yet, but that will probs happen next week, although in my opinion, my pool needs to up first. For some reason Tinlee won't go down the one set of stairs. She's so comical. I did get her to come up that set of stairs before bed last night. I'll call that a win.

Also, my new bird bath came yesterday, and it is adorbs. It's got a solar powered fountain, so I'm excited to go home and see if it works properly. I have visions in my head of my little hummingbird friends frolicking in the fountain. Crossing my fingers on that one, although if it happens, I'm just going to have to put some kind of built in seat at the window by the kitchen sink because I'll never want to stop watching.

For today I figured I would show a mani that shows my green thumb. Apparently this is the only kind of green thumb I will ever be allowed to have.
Color Club Halo Hues Angel Kiss, Barielle Date Night, Llarowe LLC-B stamp
I hadn't used any of the Color Club Halo Hues in quite awhile, and I do love this one, Angel Kiss. For the green stamping I used Barielle Date Night and the Llarowe LLC-B stamp.  I really like those Barielle polishes. They have a nice formula and stamp and water marble well.

Now it's about time to head on out of here. Off to buy the gardening shears and get to cutting. 

Wish me luck.


  1. Good Luck!!! haha If you get those plants planted fast, they should snap out of it and get to growing! They need good soil and probably more room to grow than what they have in those little plastic things at the store... Good luck with the rest of the remodel... Ugh...

    1. Well, one section is planted, but I need a whole lot more flowers and a whole lot more gardening dirt. I'm exhausted!! I hope the damn things live. The damn skeeters ate me alive, too, even with bug spray on. Jerks.