Friday, May 9, 2014


I am officially so sore and tired I could cry. It's gotten so going to work on Monday and Tuesday is my relaxing time. Every time I'm home I seem to be motivated to do something. 

Kev is off for an actual bunch of days in a row, which is awesome. He probably would prefer to be at work at this point, too, because I keep asking him to do stuff around here right along with me.

On Tuesday after work I let him know that on Wednesday I was planning to start painting our bedroom. For him that meant moving the furniture which, for the record is not light. We decided the best way to go would be to move the bed across the room enough for me to fit the ladder, I would do two walls and when those were done, then move the dressers away from the other two walls and I would paint those. This actually turned out to be a pretty decent plan. 

Halfway through the first wall I realized I forgot to take a before pic of the room. Dammit! I've been trying to hard to remember to do that!! I did take a couple with the bed in the middle of the room with a bunch of random crap on top of it. I can probs scrounge up a few pics from times I took pics of the dogs, but I'll worry about it later since I'm not showing any until the floor goes in.

I'm also undecided as to whether or not I like the color. It's so much darker than I thought it was going to be. If I do decide I hate it, I'll end up repainting the damn thing. Ugh. 

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Kev was changing out all of the hardware on the kitchen cabinets. We've been talking about doing that for quite some time now. I have a ton of cabinets....I think the total count for new hinges was 41. Ridiculous to pay several hundred bucks just for new hardware. I also assumed that would be about a 20 minute job for him. What a fool believes. It was a lot of work!!  They look great, but now I want to refinish the kitchen cupboards and make them darker. But I can't let myself think about that right now.

Oh, I'm so excited right now! As I was typing, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. HUMMINGBIRD!!!! My first one of the year!! The males always show up first, and this little guy isn't my adult I've had for a couple of years. I think it's the youngster that was born here last summer. He's longer and more slender than my original male. I've had my window feeders up for a week. If staring at them all week could will them to show up, they would have been here the same day I put them up because I look at the picture window one 100 times a day. I'm constantly paying attention with my peripheral vision, and I noticed immediately even though I was typing. I also decided to go out on the deck last week and put a window feeder in my kitchen window and was wondering if they'd use it. I went outside on the deck a few minutes ago, and he flew right up to eat while I was standing about 6 feet away. LOVE!

I won't get a thing done all weekend now. Housecleaning? Laundry? Unlikely. It's pretty decent outside right now, and I may end up cranking the radio and sitting outside holding a feeder on the deck. Here's my purdy little boy.....I look forward to the rest showing up.
I'm just ridiculously happy right now. Kev is on the road heading downstate for the weekend. He called to talk, and I probably drove him crazy with how excited I was.

I suppose I'll talk nails for a second.
Ulta, China Glaze Unplugged, MoYou Sailor 07 stamp
I did this one the other night, and I liked this one quite a lot. Yes, you read that right, Martha....I like it.  The base is some unnamed Ulta. I have no clue where or when I even got it, but it's old. Like add 15 drops of thinner old. Once I added that, it ended up being a pretty nice polish although I wasn't a huge fan of the brush. For the MoYou Sailor 07 stamp, I used China Glaze Unplugged. That polish stamped really well.

I think that's about it for today. I like the polish colors, I like the stamp, I like the mani.

Now I have hummers to go stalk.


  1. ROFLMAO!!!! Love the polish! Love the stamping, Love the mani!!! hahahahaha WooHoo... So happy for you, that your little hummer is back!!!! You'll need to set up a webcam, so we can all just tune in to see if they're hanging around!!! :)
    Oh, and again... LOVE THE MANI!!! Thanx!!!

    1. Hummingbird I just need the rest of them to show up so I can hear them chattering back and forth. I had to make sure I posted a mani I like, just for you, bossy-pants. <3