Saturday, May 24, 2014


It is absolutely gorg outside. Sunny and warm and summer-ish. It feels so good! I went outside to refill a couple of the hummingbird feeders in a sweatshirt and realized that I was way overdressed. I'm just so accustomed to automatically dressing for winter that it hadn't occurred to me that it might actually be over 60 degrees. But it is! 64, to be exact.

I've been waiting for the weekend because I was planning to plant all of the flowers that we bought. The area along the garage needs to be cleared of the "decorative" rocks that are in there. Then the dirt needs to be all dug up and added to with some good stuff. I went to the moving company and got unprinted newspaper so I am ready to plant.

Even though I didn't ask him to, Kev had gone outside before he had to leave for work on Thursday to shovel the top layer into the wheelbarrow so it would be easier for me to get in there and dig.

15 minutes later he came in, sweating like a buffalo, and informed me that it was going to be a LOT more work than we thought. Great.  I still figured I would at least make an attempt today. Right now the plants are just all in their little nursery boxes sitting on top of the rocks. After I watered them, I put on my gardening gloves, grabbed the little shovel and went to work. 

Or tried to. It ain't happening. I'd need a jackhammer to get through that stuff. I'm so saddy-pants that now I can't plant until next week. Then I decided I would take my Supertunia out of the big pot and try again. It's looking a smidge wilty so I broke up the root system a little more, added some more dirt and replanted it. 

Kev also found time to put up the hooks along the garage for my new hummingbird feeders. They are super cute, and I love them. I now have 3 window feeders and 7 hanging feeders up. That's a lot considering I only know of 2 females and 2 males living here. There might be more, but I've seen 2 females eating at the same time and 2 males eating at the same time. Hopefully there are 2 nests with babes coming soon. Of course, there may be more adults but I haven't paid close enough attention to figure it out.

So if those 4 want sugar water, there is no lack of that here. I've yet to see any of them go near the flowers, but they are loving all of the feeders.

For some reason I have also already had to kill 3 hornets in the house. Um....not a fan of those little bastards. I haven't seen a nest anywhere. Usually late in the summer we get a yellow jacket wasp nest under the front porch, but Kev has a plan to prevent that this year.

I did this mani on Thursday night, and I am so in love with it.  I love when something I picture in my mind turns out exactly that way.
Julep Brandt, China Glaze Admire, Butter London Matte Topcoat, Llarowe LeaLac B stamp
I actually did try going with a lighter grey first but didn't like it so much. I'm glad I tested that on just my thumb before painting all ten with the light color. I also was a bit concerned on how the pink flowers would hold up with no topcoat on them, but they are still perfect.

The dark grey is Julep Brandt, and just like always, it went on like a dream. I'm annoyed with what Julep has been offering in the Maven boxes lately, but I do like their formula.
I then used the Butter London matte topcoat.....still my fave matte topcoat. For the Llarowe LeaLac B stamp, I used China Glaze Admire.  I've used that for stamping before, and it's amazeballs. I also wanted that to stay shinier, thus the no topcoat.

I may take this off today if I find some nail inspiration. If not, I'm more than happy to look at it for another day.

I wish I had an outdoor chaise lounger. I'd probs throw on a swimsuit and lay out. I need to get my tan on. This is damn near shorts season today, and I wouldn't want to blink and miss all of it.

Instead, since I can't play outside with the flowers, I guess I'll do laundry.

This makes me very sad.