Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Man, it does not feel like it should only be Tuesday. I'm not sure why, but these first two days of the week have just been dragging. I'm almost positive it should at least be Thursday by now.

I probably shouldn't wish the week away. On Thursday I'll pack up that grandson and grandpuppy of mine and drive about 3 hours, give them back to their rightful owners and then drive about 3 hours back home. It's going to suck. It won't be too long before they come back, though, since they'll come home for Griffin's 5th birthday party at the end of the month. 

This year's party theme per Griff is super heroes. He decided that I will be Wonder Woman. Seems appropriate, right? I was laying in bed with him the other night and we were discussing it. His mom already got me a Wonder Woman t-shirt to wear for the party. He informed me that if I don't have the WW pants, I am uninvited. Once I acted horrified, he advised that he was just kidding. The kid just cracks me up so much! 

On to nail stuff! 

I just love getting my monthly Square Hue polishes. They never fail to make me happy, and this month is no exception.
Square Hue Tune In, Mundo de Unas white, Bundle Monster BM XL11
This is Square Hue Tune In. I liked this dark fuschia pink right away in the bottle and was surprised to find that it is a matte polish. I debated leaving it dull, but I opted for topcoating it. I used Mundo de Unas white and the Bundle Monster BM XL11 plate for the stamping.

I know I've said it before, but if you want a good subscription box, I'm still pushing Square Hue as a great option. They have actually come out with a second option for their service now. Instead of getting the three polish box, you can opt for the two polish box instead. The two polish box is $10.99 plus shipping, and you can alternate between boxes if you feel like you want more polish on any given month.

I was very lucky when I signed up. It was almost two years ago, and I got in at a time when they gave me a permanent discount and free shipping, so for me, it's only $14.99 a month. Can't beat that.

I'll cross my fingers that my price stays there for a very long time, but to be honest, even if the price goes up, I'll keep getting it. While I am still a Julep Maven, I find myself skipping their boxes the majority of the time. I do love their polish, but their pricing is high, especially considering the size of their bottles. If I didn't have the ability to skip months I don't like, I'd be canceling them.

The other nice thing about the subscription polishes? It's fun to have guaranteed polish to look forward to every month. Somehow I feel less guilty when those arrive as opposed to when I walk out of a store with some.

Not sure why.


  1. Intresting, but this colour is not my.

    1. I'm not huge on reds or colors like this, but I don't mind them every so often.

  2. I like red but real red :)

  3. This was definitely not red....close, but no cigar. lol