Friday, July 24, 2015


It's Friday, so I'm already well into my weekend. So far so good. I did all the house cleaning Wednesday night after work, specifically so I can now be lazy all the way through Sunday. My sweetheart of a husband had done the laundry which means that's something I don't have to do that I had planned on doing.

I spent a few hours in the pool yesterday and this afternoon, and it's already calling my name for tomorrow. It's all nice and clean now, too. The new salt water system is doing a great job. Last Saturday I discovered that my favorite pool raft has a leak. I decided it was time to suck it up and spend the money on a non-inflatable. When I was searching to buy one, I came across a pool vacuum that I promptly purchased brand new on eBay for $40 cheaper. It has a rechargeable battery and doesn't need a hose, which is awesome. My other vacuum can clean the pool bottom, but it adds freezing cold water the entire time.

The new raft and the vacuum got here, and they are both amazing! Kev had done some pool cleaning with it Tuesda, and today I walked around in the pool with it and cleaned up some more. I wish I'd known about it 5 years ago when we bought the pool.

Kev also finished the new stairs for Baylee, and she approves. After a good night's sleep the other day, she was feeling much better, and she was completely back to normal on Tuesday. She went in the pool a couple of times with Kevin Wednesday afternoon, and her hips aren't bothering her at all. Success.

I'm still stumped for mani ideas, and this is one from a couple of weeks ago.
Parrot Polish Curcubeu, Mundo de Unas black, Bundle Monster BM XL03 stamp

Parrot Polish Curcubeu, Mundo de Unas black, Bundle Monster BM XL03 stamp
This gorgeous holo is Parrot Polish Curcubeu. I love, love, love this polish. It can be seen a few other posts of mine. This time I was smarter when I stamped over it. I made sure I used a more delicate design using the Bundle Monster BM XL03 plate with my Mundo de Unas black. It let me have the design but didn't diminish the joy of the holo or the thrill of the color shift since this one also happens to be a multi-chrome.

Now I'm thinking I will go play with my nails. I'm pondering a water marble, but it's pretty warm in here so it might not want to work. If I start now, though, I have three days to get it right. 


  1. Love! Parrot Polish is so nice!!! Glad the pool vacuum worked and that Baylee is doing good with the new steps! :) Have a super weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love holi nail polisch!!! Beautiful colour!!!