Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The giveaway has officially ended, and I have a winner! J. Campbell-Armour is the lucky one! 

I was so excited to go home yesterday because I was dying to see the newly installed shower. But, as is par for the course, I got home to find it exactly as it was at lunchtime.....unfinished. The furnace was completely installed, but the only thing finished on the shower was the base. They came back this morning to finish it.

So then I was excited to go home at noon today to see the newly installed shower. Oddly enough it looks exactly like it did yesterday.....unfinished. The sides of it have now made it as far as the bathroom doorway, though! So now I'm excited to go home at 5 p.m. to see the newly installed shower. I wonder what I'll find then! lol

I woke up to pouring rain today so although the temp is in the heatwave range of 42 degrees, it's freezing out. As irritated as I've been with our weather the past few months, now it's starting to depress me. Between the weather and the next couple of months of never ending mess around the house, my stress level has risen ginormously. It's making me depressed.

My nails certainly aren't depressed. They are bright as bright can be!
American Apparel Poppy, MoYou Sailor 06 stamp
This one is a bit much. As bright as American Apparel Poppy is here in a picture, it's blindingly, shockingly orange in person. I do like the stamp, though....MoYou Sailor 06.

I'm ready for the house revamping to be over and summer to come. Once the house is down, hopefully I'll get back to doing my nails and the blog a bit more regularly again. I feel guilty for not being consistent.

In the meantime, hopefully you aren't giving up on following along with all of the pissing and moaning I'm doing.

And yes, I do want cheese with the whine.


  1. You make me laugh girl, keep 'em coming!

  2. You make me laugh girl, keep 'em coming!

  3. The mess is awful to live in, but once it's all done... it'll all be worth it.. and you are right... that polish is bright...and the stamp IS PERFECT!!! Love it!!!

  4. I like strong colors, so for me this is not to much, and I love the stamping pattern on it!

  5. I really love your mani! It's definitely a pick-me-up :)