Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Since this bargain is only good for 35 more hours, I'm tossing this in here! It's a great price at $19.99 for 6 full-size OPI's with a train case. You can get it here!
It's finally acting like spring around here. Kinda' sad that I actually was happy to see a fly. I'm sure there are robins out and about, too, but for me, I get a damn fly. Little pleasures, my friends...little pleasures.

I'm super annoyed the last couple of days. It doesn't seem like I have a reason to be, but I am just in a "mood". I've always been a moody bitch in general, but usually I keep it in check because all in all, I shouldn't really complain about anything. When it comes right down to it, life is good. Unfortunately my attitude at present simply does not see it that way.

Hopefully I'll snap out of it soon. I did just buy a new pair of shoes on 6pm.com, which is one of my all-time fave places to shop. I've gotten so many great deals there on shoes and clothes. I used to check there every day but decided it's too expensive for me to do that because I might just find something. Or eight or ten somethings!!  Poorhouse, here I come!!

Actually, I'm honestly trying to not spend so much right now. With all of the things we want to do with the house, every little dime counts.

We got the estimate from our guy, Tony. Methinks we were aiming too high. No new picture window for this girl! Maybe next year on that. He IS going to put an addition on the garage so the hubs can store the lawn tractor, snowthrower and who knows what else in it. That will free up a lot of room in the garage. The side door on the garage needs a new door and frame, so he'll do that, too.  We also got an estimate from him to put a vinyl railing on the deck. 

Now I'm going to digress just a smidge back to that great water system I said I wanted. We had pretty much ruled it out because it was so expensive. (stay tuned, that sitch coming up in a second). 

We did still decide to buy a new shower since we're going to do the bathroom floor. After searching, I found a couple on the Menard's site, so after picking out flooring at another store, we headed over there. We found one we both like so we snagged that.

Once we finished picking the shower, I suggested we go look at the vinyl deck railings to see what we like. 

That was a very good move!!  First off, I wasn't impressed with the vinyl. It just felt cheap to me. They have these other resin ones that are much nicer.  Of course, they are also more expensive. But while I was wandering I found the resin stuff that looks like wood and comes in planks that goes right over your existing deck. OMG...genius!! So now instead of having to strip the deck and refinish it, Kev is gonna' ask his brother and cousins to come and they'll put that stuff on and a new railing. It's going to be fantabulous!! No upkeep on it at all, doggie nails won't scratch it and has great reviews.  And cheaper in the long run because they'll do it for free. I'm super excited about it.

After we got home while we were looking at color ideas for the deck, the phone rings, and it's the water lady. Kev tells her we're not going to do it because it's too expensive. Then she tells us we can rent to own. Kev hangs up, and I'm all, "wtf...tell her yes right now!" If I had been told that option before, we'd already have that bitch cleaning our water. They're coming Thursday to install it. I'm absolutely giddy with excitement, which I guess shows how non-exciting my life really is.  

So now I've got a new shower sitting in my garage, and I'm going to get two new toilets, too. Suck it, rust.

Enough house stuff; next time I'll talk about the disaster that is my bathroom and the great bedroom flooring we bought. 

On to the nails! It's "peach week" over in Nail Fun and for once I managed to play along. 
China Glaze Sunset Sail, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure So Much Fawn, Ali Express 12-51 stamp
These are two I don't think I've ever used before, China Glaze Sunset Sail, and it's stamped with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure So Much Fawn. The design is from the 12-51 stamping plate I bought from Ali Express.

I know you're all just dying to hear about the bedroom flooring and the latest bathroom fiasco, but you'll just have to wait for another day.


  1. I absolutely love it!
    Gorgeous colour and design(is it stamping?)


    1. Thank you! And yup, it is stamped. Don't I just wish I could freehand that well. lol

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