Monday, April 28, 2014


Today I took my last shower in the piece of crap that was in my bathroom. When I went home at lunch, it was in pieces on the deck. Good place for it.

Of course, putting in the new one couldn't go easily. Weird, right? The old shower sat up on a little platform thing which I was hoping to get rid of. Oh, obvi that couldn't happen. The platform is because the plumbing was set up above floor level. Genius. So now I'll have to have the flooring guy come back to give me an estimate to put subway tiles on that. Great. By all means lets add some additional cost.

Then I get a call at work from Kev telling me that the new shower bar can't go in the center of the shower like our old one. That has to be moved about 8 inches to the left or right of center. I was so annoyed I don't even give a shit anymore. Since Tyler is in town right now, I told him to ask her and the two of them could just make an executive decision without me. It'll be fine, but it's still irritating. I sure didn't feel like sending back the $300 shower system it took me 3 days to decide on.

Part of the wall above the back of the shower got damaged when the old one came out, too. So yeah. That's fun. I'm hoping the ceiling guy will fix that when he comes to do all of the ceilings. 

The new furnace is going in today, too, which was unexpected. We didn't think that was happening yet, but I'm not complaining; one more thing out of the way. He can't install central air until it warms up here. So in other words, we might not ever get it. I'm still wearing my winter coat.

Not everything sucks in my world, tho! Over the weekend there was some actual fun. A few weeks back I had told my oldest daughter that lives an hour away that we should have a girls night sleepover with her, me and my 9 year old granddaughter. So Saturday we did that. And as an added bonus, my daughter in Illinois came home to surprise her sister and spend a few days with us.  So not only did I get the girls night, I got Griffin! Those dang grandkids just light up my world, for sure. 

SO fun!!  We ate homemade pizza, made malts, did facials and just did a lot of talking. Even my ex sister-in-law spent the night.  She was texting Toni that she was bored around 11 p.m. so I told her to come out, too. So my ex and his boys drove her out to my house, visited a bit and then left. She crashed on my couch for the night, so I had a houseful of a whole lot of estrogen floating around.

On Thursday after work I stopped and bought paint for the spare bedroom which we weren't even planning on painting. Evidently I am in the mood to paint. So even though I couldn't move the bed or get the polish rack off of the one wall, I spent that evening doing the first coat and a huge chunk of the day doing the second coat. 

I really like it even though I had a huge moment of panic. It's a two-tone paint job because the room has a chair rail. The bottom half is brown, and the top half previously was kind of a celery green.  I decided to stick with a different shade of brown for the bottom and a slightly pink-toned lighter brown for the top half. I finished the first wall in the top color and as I moved on to the next wall, I looked over at the color as it dried and thought I had made one huge-ass mistake in color choice. I kept on going and have decided it looks good. I'll post pics when it's finally done.

After painting I had the whole house to clean, so I was exhausted by the end of the day. I also managed to find a couple of random kitchen drawers I decided to clean out on Saturday morning. Seriously, ADD much?  Between all that work, the slumber party and having Tyler and Griff at the house, I am still pretty wiped out.

I haven't really been doing my nails because they keep getting messed up from doing all that stuff I've been doing, but I still have a mani to show.
Sally Hansen Satin Glam Teal Tulle, Orly Sweet Peacock, MoYou Sailor 04 stamp
I heart this color! It's one of the newer Sally Hansens from their Glam collection, Teal Tulle. I stamped over it with Orly Sweet Peacock using one of my new MoYou plates, Sailor 04. I actually loved this mani even though I can't even remember how long I wore it. The pic has been sitting in my rough drafts file for at least a couple of weeks.

Other than that, I think I wore my last mani for almost a week, which I hate doing. I did reapply my nails early Saturday but they stayed naked until late last night. I'm really a slacker!

Just a reminder, the giveaway ends in a couple of days, so if you haven't entered, you'd better get to it!! 


  1. I missed this blog entry!!! Good grief... you'll have a new house by the time you're done with all that!!! Oh, and if by chance I win that giveaway...I WANT THAT POLISH! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Buying a new house would have probably been easier. lol
      That blue isn't in the giveaway, woman!! Nice try, tho!

  2. Show me that bottle on NF...I gotta get that! :)