Thursday, April 10, 2014


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On to the continuing house shenanigans.

First of all, you know I was super excited about the new water system. God forbid, that would have panned out as I thought it would.  Kev got a call yesterday, and evidently because our water is so "special", she had forgotten that we need something extra on our system. It has something to do with bacteria in our well water. So that changed the monthly rental fee up another 30 bucks. It also meant that only have of the monthly fee would go towards the purchase and only for the first 3 years. So in 3 years we'd owe $1,700 to completely pay it off. Long story short, we're going to end up paying for it up front or mabes in 3 installments in order to not have to end up paying almost $2,000 more for the system. So much for not having a big expense up front. Gawd!

Now, the bathroom! We went to pick out flooring and decided to go with the same kind of vinyl tiles we have in our kitchen in a white with a light grey marbling in it. It's super pretty, and we love that kitchen tile. Since the bathroom is so small, we're figuring it won't be too pricey. I bring home a sample tile and throw it on the floor in front of the vanity. It's awesome. 

About 8 hours later I decide I should probs put it up against the side of the tub because yes, that disgusting cream colored carpeting also runs up the side of where the tub is.  I wanted to see what the tile would look like when it was right against the fake marbley looking refinish I did on the tub surround last year. And it looks completely hideous. Great. Now what the frick do I have to do.

I start thinking maybe some kind of white subway tile will look good, and subway tile is super cheap. Sounds perf.  The flooring guy came out to the house the next day to do measurements on the bedroom and bathroom. OMG. He wanted to see what was behind that tub carpeting. It's some flimsy shit board that bends if you push on it. In order to tile it, the vanity needs to come out, a solid wood panel has to be applied and then the tile. We're talking 2 days labor just for the side of the tub.

He calls me the next day. A smidge over $700 for that dinky little bathroom floor. And over $600 just for the side of the tub. I wanted to puke.  And there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. It's way too complicated a deal for us to try to do it. Just kill me already. That bathroom is going to be the death of me anyway, so somebody may as well just take me out now.

When we went to pick out wood laminate for the bedroom, we had no idea what to expect. Before we had an employee helping us, we were just looking around, and they were all at least $5 a square foot. Luckily our guy brought us to the back to the sale stuff. They had a clearance laminate that was a higher end that normally was $6.59 a square foot. They were blowing out what they had for $2.39! What's that you say? WE actually found a bargain?? I was starting to think that wasn't even possible for us. Damn floor is still going to cost us $1,200. Whatever. At this point I don't even care anymore. It's going to be gorg when it's done. For those prices it damn well better be.

All we're waiting on now is the estimate to fix the water damaged ceilings which I'm sure will be 3 times more than I think it should be. We're also awaiting an estimate for installing the new shower and for 2 more estimates for the furnace, air conditioning and water heater. Then we can finally get started on all the fun.

I'm calling this mani a fail. It was the first time I used one of my AliExpress stamping plates, and the gold stamp just didn't show up as well as I wanted it to.  
China Glaze Skate Night, China Glaze Mingle With Kringle, AliExpress stamp 12-50
I do like the burgundy, though, China Glaze Skate Night. As for the gold, I should have just gone with my standard fave Essie for it, but instead I went with China Glaze Mingle With Kringle.  Who knows, maybe I chose it because we had a ton of snow so it felt like Christmas.  The AliExpress stamp is 12-50, which is one of their medium sized plates.

Here's a link for these stamping plates. Four big plates for under 20 bucks is a damn steal considering I paid 20 bucks each for my other large design plates.

Nice to know I can get a bargain basement price on something.

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