Saturday, April 5, 2014


Snowstorm yesterday; sunny and 40 today. I didn't even wear a jacket when I sloshed my way out to the mailbox. Yesterday Kev headed downstate for a weekend with the guys.  It took him 4 hours to get to Mackinac Bridge, and normally that takes just under 2 1/2. He said it was the worst he'd ever driven in, and that's saying a lot considering he drives on crap roads pretty often going to and from Green Bay, WI to the airport.

I would like to show you how cray our seasons can be here.  First up is a pic from yesterday. So this is April 4, 2014.
And this is April 22, 2007. Tank top, shorts, kids playing in the kiddie pool.  If I'm in shorts, that means it is at least 75 degrees out. I'm also tan which means it had been warm for awhile. I've been waiting for a repeat performance of that April weather ever since.
That's my Munchkin Buns sharing a goofy face with his fave gramma. He was almost 8 here.  Here's a normal pic of him.
And I can't forget my other little cutie, 2 year old Peyton.
Seriously, how cute was she!  I just hate that they are growing up so fast. Peyton will be 9 this month, and Treyson will be 15 in June. Gross. I'm not even sure how that happens.
Can I please have that weather soon, please? I'm asking just about as nicely as I can.

I was in a gradient mood the other day. As always, it was hard to choose what colors I wanted. 

Holo!!!  Okay. I know that's not a color, but you get my drift.  
OPI DS Signature, OPI DS Extravagance gradient

OPI DS Signature, OPI DS Extravagance gradient
The lighter tone is OPI DS Signature, and I chose OPI DS Extravagance to do the gradient.

Loving it so much I've had it on since Wednesday. I did consider stamping over it but just couldn't bring myself to do it. It's just too pretty all on its own.  

I love those DS polishes and wish I had ALL of them.  At one point awhile back some stores (I think CVS) were putting some out that evidently they had laying around in their back rooms. I must have been obsessing about them out loud because even Kev was being super nice as he flew around the country and was trying to find them whenever he had the chance. I'd get a random phone call every so often asking if what he found was what I wanted. Such a sweetheart.  He didn't have any luck, but I really appreciated that he tried.

Today I got some new goodies in the mail today from Above the Curve, and I got my monthly Square Hue polishes.  For awhile there I was SO sick of swatching and organizing new polishes. It's been such a long time since I got anything new that I'm actually looking forward to it. Well, by "long time" I mean about a month which is when I got my last Square Hue box.

So off to swatch! Enjoy the weekend! Don't forget to share the contest again....get yourself those extra entries!


  1. Real NICE mani, and love the throw back piccies! :)

  2. it is pretty on its own !! love it !

  3. You have a wonderful family!
    The holo polish gradient is fantastic!

  4. One of the Ultas around me carries quite of few of the DS polishes. I don't know about all of them since I don't know how many they came out with.

  5. I'm glad you didn't stamp that, it's awesome just like it is.