Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It was bound to happen, the moment when it became clear that winter was really here. It blows.

Yesterday was finally my post-op appointment up in Marquette, which is just over an hour away. I decided that I would leave my sling off for the ride. Trust me when I tell you it is not fun trapping one arm inside a winter coat even for a short ride. It's not like I'd be using it in the car, right? When we got there, I put it back on so I wouldn't get scolded by the doctor. As it turns out, it was fine. 

My arm is progressing nicely. Stitches off, he moved it around a little, had me move it around a little, and then told me he'll see me in four weeks which is when we'll talk about physical therapy. That bummed me out cuz' I was hoping I could skip out on that little bit of nonsense and just do it all on my own. I asked about the sling wearing, and he told me I don't have to wear it 24/7 anymore, just be careful with whatever I'm doing.

With that bit of happy news, I threw it in the car and off we went to Christmas shop since we always hit up a few stores that my stupid town doesn't have.  After shopping for a few hours and driving home, I was hurting. I knew I would continue to sling it up for bed, but I woke up pretty sore this morning and didn't sleep worth a crap because it kept waking me up. I was a smidge pissed about it and commented to the hubster that I didn't think I had done anything to use it all that much, but he seemed to feel like I had done a lot with it.

I hate when he's right. Lesson learned. I'll behave. Today I've only had it off long enough to do my exercises. I'm saving up to leave it off while we decorate either tonight or tomorrow. Still, all in all I'm pretty happy. Normally that sling would be a constant for at least 6 weeks so I feel ahead of the game. Go, me!

On Monday night I glanced down at my hands and thought I'd better do something. No way you are actually leaving the house for only the second time since surgery and having boring ass nails. If I'd known my nails would foretell the weather, I would have painted sunshine.

Instead I went with my first snowflake mani of the year, and we woke up to a minor snowstorm, the first of the year. Perfect. Snowy roads when we had to travel. So typical. But the nurse really loved them so it was worth it.  That weather was actually better than what it has been today. We got enough snow for Kevin to actually use the snowblower on the driveway, and now it's been raining like a mo-fo most of the day. Snow, then rain and then cold coming in. What a great combo!!! We'd be much better off with just snow at this time of year, and I hope everybody is careful out there on the roads once they turn into an ice rink. People have a way of forgetting how to drive during the snow season around here, especially the first couple of times the roads get they've never driven in it before. Idiots. 

So here's what I did. It's not my best work, but it's still difficult to play with my nails. I'm trying, though!!
OPI I Saw U Saw We Saw Warsaw, Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond, Messy Mansion HD05 stamp plate, unknown HB23 stamp snowflake
I started with a nice navy, OPI I Saw U Saw We Saw Warsaw. I don't know who names OPI polishes, but they crack me up. For a smidge of sparkle I add Orly Shine on Crazy Diamond. Then I  used my white MASH stamping polish and my HD05 Messy Mansion plate and some other unknown brand HB23 plate to do the snowflakes. It needed something so I put a little rhinestone in the middle of each snowflake, and I'm pleased to say I haven't lost a single one.

Like I said, it's not the most spectacular thing I've ever done, but it has a bit of holo shine from the Orly so it's nice when the light hits it. I'm tired of looking at it now, but I have to save my arm for tree and house decorating so I'll probs leave it on until at least Friday.  

I'm excited to get the house decorated. Usually we wouldn't do it until probably next week, but I want it up a week early this year. Normally we head out of town to Kev's family for our holiday get together after Christmas, but this year we are going the 18th-21st. I told Kev if I'm losing out on a few days of looking at the tree before Christmas, it has to go up early to make up for it.

I always love my tree and decorations. It makes the house feel warm and cozy. It's a pita to do, but it's the only time I ever think my house is pretty. If I can manage to get a decent pic or two, I'll post some here eventually.

I heart Christmas. Gives me the warm fuzzies.


  1. Beautiful... It makes me really sad when you dis your pretty manis... I wish I could do 1/2 as good as you do! :) Oh, and good update on the shoulder... progression nicely, Queen B!!! hee hee hee

  2. Glad to hear you are healing nicely, keep babying it, you won't regret it in the future :) I really love this mani, it's beautiful!

  3. Wow! This is beautiful!! Great mani!
    I'm happy to hear you are better :)
    Oh, and can you please send the snow my way? We have nothing here, just rain, no really cold temperatures. And all I want is snow :(

    1. I wish I could send you every flake we get!!

  4. I had surgery on my rotator cuff and clavicle last year (October was my year anniversary). I was in the sling for 4 weeks, two of those were 24/7, the other two were whenever I left the house and slept. At the one month mark, I began PT, three times a week for three months then twice a week for two more months. Word to the wise, even when it hurts more than the surgery did, push through it! Listen to the PT folks and the Dr's and keep doing those exercises! I worked really hard to recover and even though its been over a year, I still have pain everyday, just a little bit but I still feel it. I have 100% range of motion and my strength is greatly improved. I had heard such horror stories about shoulder surgery but my experience was just fine, nothing horrible at all :) I also managed to keep doing my nails after a few days in a fog right after surgery :) Good luck in your recovery!

    1. Lordie! To me that doesn't sound like fun at all! A year later and still pain?? That wasn't my plan. lol
      So far I've pretty much been doing what I'm told. Mostly. I didn't wear my sling much yesterday because I needed to arms to wrap stuff. I'm paying for it today. I'm hoping my PT is short-lived because it sounds like a pita just to go to it. Guess I'll find out on December 31st just exactly what I'm in for.