Friday, December 13, 2013


I'm going to completely not mention several not-so-awesome things that have occurred during the past few days. Suffice it to say some shiz has gone on that I could do without, especially two weeks before Christmas. I much prefer at least attempting to enjoy this time of year.

Last year I saw this manicure done by the folks over at Messy Mansion and abso-frickin-lutely fell in love with it. I immediately ordered the plate in order to do it and was lucky enough to get it in time to copy it as closely as I could. Someone else recreated it beautifully in one of my nail groups which reminded of it.

I'm considering doing it again this year to wear it downstate to the Graham family Christmas since last year I wore it for my side of the fam.
Christmas manicure, Julep Michelle, Orly Luxe, Orly Shine On, Messy Mansion stamp plate MM01
For my copy I used Julep Michelle for the dark sky. I sponged Orly Luxe for the gold and used a bit of Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond to simulate some stars in the sky. I did the stamp with Konad black stamping polish.

Stamping this one was interesting to do. I wanted the smallest camel to be on my pinkie finger, but the stamp was set up just the opposite. So I picked up the figure on my stamper and immediately pulled the stamp from that stamper with another stamper which switched the direction. Hopefully that sentence made sense. It took  a few tries to do it fast enough, but it worked out really well in the end.

I loved it last year; still do. I do have a couple lamer mani's in the wings to post, but I doubt I'll do anything that I think tops this for a Christmas mani.

And since I've done this post at 3:38 a.m., I'm keeping this one pretty short. 

Interesting how the posts end up short when I leave out all my bitching and moaning, hey? Don't get too used to that.


  1. Its gorgeous and I can see why :)

  2. beautiful design! I am your new follower- you blog is fantastic!

    1. Thank you so much. I love it even though it was not an original idea. Tons of people have copied this one from Messy Mansion. SO SO happy you're following!! Can I ask how you found me?