Sunday, December 29, 2013

MADE FOR A "QUEEN", a/k/a ME!!!

I officially feel special! Over the past year, 20 of us in my nail group decided to send birthday giftage to each other. My birthday was December 26th, so it was a long-ass wait for my surprises. It was well worth the wait, and this is just one of the reasons why.

Too Cute-icle makes some fab polishes, as you already know from when I did a review of three of them awhile back.  One of the sneaks in the group had her make a polish just for me!! The name of this purple gorgeousness is "Queenly".  For whatever silly reason, somehow I've acquired the nickname Queen in a couple of nail places on Facebook. Queen Bee, Queen Bitch...take your pick. It works for either depending on my mood, I suppose. Either way I don't mind. It's not like I can deny the bitch part of it. LOL
Too Cute-icle Queenly
I probs should have waited to post this one until I could photograph it in the sunshine since it's a holo, but I couldn't wait to show off a polish made just for me. It's such a gorgeous "royal" shade! It's packed full of glittery flecks that I'm still waiting to see the full effect of since it's just been cloudy, cold and gloomy here.

When you have a birthday on December 26th, it can tend to be a bit of a letdown. Growing up I didn't get shortchanged on giftage, but I never got a birthday cake or a party. Seriously, with a house full of of holiday baked goods, the last thing my mom wanted to do was bake a damn cake. And it certainly wasn't a great time to throw a party.

As a "grownup", after all the busy-busy of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when I wake up on the 26th, I kind of just lay around and try to recover from everything. It was fun this year having a bunch of little surprises to open.  

Like I said, I officially feel special. :)


  1. That is a really thoughtful gift. And it looks great to boot.

  2. I know the feeling of having a special polish made just for you! It's FUN, isn't it!!! :) I can't WAIT to see the sunshine on that holo-y-ness!!!! :)

  3. That's really awesome and I'm glad it was a good birthday experience this year- my cousin was born on the 24th and has similar complaints, which are totally understandable!