Monday, December 16, 2013


I figure the year is ending so craptastically that I thought I'd enter, of all things, a voting contest. Just because I'm a glutton for punishment. Voting contests are notorious for people figuring out ways to cheat, blah, blah, blah, and of course bloggers with thousands of followers are shoe-ins usually. But what the hell, right?

I went through my last year's holiday attempts and decided upon this snowflake one. I liked it last year, and I still do. I know....shocking. I like something. lol

If you like it, I'd appreciate if you'd take a minute to vote for it. You actually have to vote for 3 mani's, and then you'll need to click the link in the email they send you. But it's a one-time only thing so it's pretty quick and painless.

Ninja Polish Alexandrite over Black, holiday snowflake Christmas mani
It's purdy, right?  This is Ninja Polish Alexandrite over black, and I stamped the snowflakes with silver.  You can see how Alexandrite has a great color shift, and it was awesome in person.

Here's the link to vote if you've a mind to:   China Glaze contest 

Even if you aren't voting, there are a ton of cute mani's to look at!