Monday, December 9, 2013


First post in a week?? I hate that!! I really thought I'd feel more like my regular self by now. I'm sleeping a little bit better but still not enough, and with the holiday stuff needing to be done, I'm just tired. Just plain tired.

We did manage to do all the decorating last Thursday, and I have to say that hubby of mine really did amazingly. Since doing the tree requires a lot of arm lifting, he did the lion's share. All I did was sit back, critique and then I managed to put on some ornaments. Poor guy even had to finish attaching the mini lights to the front living room window. That job takes awhile and is a real PITA, and I did start it, but once I got to the side and was moving upward, my arm gave out so I had to have him finish. He has never done those before, and I don't know if he'd ever want to do it again. Not that I plan on making him. This year def had extenuating circumstances.

Wrapping presents is not fun for me normally because there are SO damn many!! I have a photo grouping of 20 pictures on one wall in my living room, and a few years ago I started gift wrapping those. I love how it looks and was determined to do it. It took me twice as long as normal and caused my arm to ache for the rest of the day.

Yesterday I wrapped actual presents, at least the ones I had to wrap. I still have a ton of stuff coming that will need wrapping so I'm still nowhere near done. The holiday is taking shape.  Here's a pic of the tree. I heart my tree. :)
I did this manicure before I even had surgery just so I'd have something to post. I sort of thought I'd get to posting it before now. Of course I also sort of thought I'd be posting more than I have been. I just did not anticipate being this out of sorts this far after surgery. Seriously pisses me off that my powers of recuperation are failing me this time around. I'm usually a bounce back fast kind of person.
OPI Lift the Veil, Mash stamping black, Ninja Polish DRK-A stamp
The pink is OPI Lift the Veil, the stamping was done with Mash stamping black and the herringbone is off of my Ninja Polish DRK-A plate. Unexciting, but nobody saw it anyway.

Right now I'm sitting here with only 9 nails on, fingers stained blue from taking off the snowflake mani. I'm trying to work up the ambition to soak them off and reapply because they've been on for 4 weeks tomorrow. If I redo them now, they'll get me through the holidays so the timing is perfect.  It's my lofty goal for today.

Sigh.  Or maybe tomorrow.