Thursday, August 22, 2013


You know how they say if some catastrophe ended life as we know it cockroaches would be the only thing to survive? I'm going to adamantly disagree.  

Because the very last thing to survive will be those mother-effing wasps living under my front porch. I'm pissed at them, and if I could safely catch them and torture them by pulling off every body appendage before finally squashing them, I would. I mean, seriously, what the hell does it take to kill these little bastards?

Last night I went out to try and catch some hummingbird fun before the storm hit, and I was only able to be there for 5 minutes because I guess the wasps have now decided to not stay in their own space on the porch.  For the past couple of weeks they've stuck to the opposite side of where I put the camera, but last night they started heading over to where I was sitting. Thanks. I love my birdies, but I'm not going to get attacked by wasps for them.

I had looked on the interwebs last week to see what else you can use to kill them, and they said soapy water.  Hmmm....I own soapy water. I mentioned it to Kev, and then I got out the bucket and the dish soap. Wow....were they pissed!! We went from usually 2 or 3 flying around the boards of the porch to 15-16 flying around the boards, and they were not happy campers. Tough shit.

Unfortunately, they were alive enough to be flying around. So 3 buckets of hot soapy water later, we had a whole mess of very angry wasps flying around the porch; I'm assuming they were mad because some of the nest got wet and the porch was wet so they couldn't go home. Didn't kill 'em, but I think it tortured 'em a little. When I went home for lunch today I saw a couple of dead ones, but there are still some buzzing around.  If they prevent me from my outside time again today, I'm going to be very disappointed (aka super pissed). Kev is gone back to work, so there will be no attempts at spraying them this weekend. Even though he's been able to get part of the nest sprayed, where it's located he can't really spray it as well as he needs to. I'm not sure where to go from here, but I ain't happy. They're so cranky this time of year, and yellow jackets will just come up and sting for no damn reason.

I guess it worked out okay that I couldn't be outside. Once I took off that dark polish from yesterday, I really had to do a soak-off of my nails. I had enough outgrowth that the blurple had snuck under the nails at the cuticle, and I couldn't get it outta' there.

I'm smatchy again today, not so much directly on my fingers, but my toes are the right color. The thing is, my shirt is kind of mustard yellow, but it has purple and green beading on it. Clever me thought it would be super duper to paint my nails green and then stamp with the purple. Great in theory; didn't really translate on the nail. The purple is an odd shade. In fact, of my 3 drawers of purple polish, I only had ONE that matched. Even I was shocked.
Sinful Colors In the Limelight, Sinful Colors Shock and Awe, Ninja Polish DRK-C stamp
The perfect smatchy green is Sinful Colors In the Limelight and the purple is Sinful Colors Shock and Awe used with my Ninja Polish DRK-C stamp.  I was not aware that the purple over the green would end up more blue. Dammit. It's really a disappointment because Shock and Awe is really a great color. I have it on my toes, and they are just a-glowin' purple.

So that's that for today's VOTD and the mani. Be prepared for more bitching tomorrow if those wasps ruin my fun.


  1. I love the mani! I really need to get more plates so I can play, too! And the colors go really well together. Good job!

    As for the wasps, plant mint around your porch. They hate it! We've got it around our front porch and rarely see one start to fly towards it. Good luck!

    1. Mint? I've never heard of that before. I'll have to remember that for next year. I wonder if mint will grow well around here. Hmmm...