Wednesday, August 14, 2013


My hummingbird obsession continues, but it was too cold last night to sit outside to try and feed 'em. Warm weather will be here for the next week so I'm planning on spending a lot of time sitting on my folding chair in the front yard planted in front of the picture window. Anyone driving by my house must think I'm either a) grounded, b) in a time out, or c) crazy.  I'll let them come to their own conclusions. It's not like I actually know any of those people.

I went through some of my pics from earlier this season and thought I'd throw in a pic of my male and one of the females.  The pics are taken from my recliner right through the picture window. Not bad!

I did actually force myself to do nails last night even though I fell asleep after work. Thankfully this went fast with no do-overs.
Loreal Tea and Crumpets, Loreal Brownie Points, American Apparel Mouse water marble
I did 2 coats of Loreal Tea and Crumpets first. I was actually going to use it in the marble, but it wouldn't spread and was stopping the others from spreading. One bad apple....

So I gave up and decided to just marble with two colors, Loreal Brownie Points and American Apparel Mouse. It's kind of a gloomy marble, but it matched my mood.

I'm sorry I've been remiss about posting daily. I guess doing my nails every day during the summer isn't as easy as doing them every day in the winter. Between pool time, work and now hummingbird shenanigans, I just haven't been very motivated to do nails. I hope I can get myself back in the groove soon. I really hate that I'm wearing mani's for 2 or 3 days now.

I'm not even going to promise much over the next few days. I have to enjoy the weather while it gets warm. It's been such a shit summer that I need to soak up every little bit of it I can.

Don't give up on me, though!!


  1. My Dad, (who is in Munising for the summer) said that someone mentioned, "We sure are having a nice fall this summer." So sorry that your weather has been suckage lately, and hoping that you are hummer-watching soon! Oh, and lurve this water marble!!

    1. That sums it up nicely! Summer is starting again today, tho, and
      it's supposed to be awesome for the next week or so. Pool time!

  2. Sweatpants and sweatshirts here too... I hate this summer... too cold and gone by too fast... Love the hummers, Diane.... really LOVE that marble!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Summer is back here, at least for now. I love my hummingbirds. SO much!

  3. Ooh the female is such a pretty green! Love the marble, I like browns:)

    1. Posted those just for you. :)
      The green is really gorgeous when the light hits her; kind of irridescent.
      The red of the male when he flew up to me to eat is actually much brighter,