Monday, August 19, 2013


The hummingbirds have officially taken over my life. It's all I can think about. If I could just sit out there holding that food dish all day, I would.  I really just wanted to stay home this morning. Before I left for work I could hear a whole lot of chirping. When I looked at the garage feeders, I had at least 7 or 8 of them playing. I didn't even know we had that many!! They were really causing a scene; fun stuff to watch.

The last couple of nights have been unreal. They really seem to be getting used to me. I set up my camera and chair last night and started the recording. I always get it set up, sit down, hold the feeder for a second and then go back and check to see if I like how the camera angle is.  Last night I set it up, sat in the chair, picked up the feeder and in 2 seconds had a  female eating. She must have been waiting! So when she flew off, then I went and changed the angle to where I wanted it.

And it was perfect! I now have 4 that will come and eat from me. I have that first female; she's not as pretty, but she will sit on my finger and she eats like a horse.  I've had a full-grown male eat from me twice. Then I have my gorgeous, nosy female. She is so pretty! Her whole front is just smooth, perfect white. But she makes me nervous. She'll feed like the others, and she perched on my finger for the first time last night. 

But she looks at me. A lot. They are all very curious and will look at me as they eat, but she is just super nosy and bold. She will take a break from eating and hover at eye level with me, which would be all fine and dandy. But she then flies in close to my face. Like so close I have to squint or close my eyes because I'm afraid she's going to run into me with that damn beak. Then she'll go back to eating. So much fun!

I also had a strange looking one come in last night. Looks like my pretty girl but has just a very tiny spot of bright fuschia/red. I thought maybe she had gotten into something. Come to find out, it's a baby boy just starting to get his big boy colors. First time I'd seen him.

It was out of control last night. My stupid camera shut off so I missed out on some of the best stuff.  But they decided they would do their usual crazy playing that they always do in the evenings. They dive bomb and run into each other and are just all over the place. That's what normally happens at the feeder when it's attached to the picture window. 

Well, last night "I" was the picture window. They were zipping so close and so fast all around me that I was actually a bit scared. I thought for sure I was going to get crashed into. I stuck it out, though, because I knew the video was going to be amazeballs.

Yeah, right. I went to go in, grabbed the camera, and sure enough, the frigging thing only recorded 15 1/2 minutes. Weird amount, but that's where it seems to shut off every time. I did get my nosy girl flying up to my face, though. And I still have time to video some craziness, hopefully tonight.

So if you're my friend on Facebook, go check out the vids....the title of that good one is "Miss Nosy Pants", and they are all on my timeline. In fact, even if you're not my FB friend, you might still be able to see them. I think everything I have is public. It's worth a look! Honest!! Just look for me, Diane Moran Graham.

Of course all of this hummingbird tomfoolery is taking up all of my nail time. By the time I finished editing videos last night, I didn't even touch my nails until 12:15. Yikers. Not a good thing! Because I not only had to do them, I had to remove the mani I had on my left hand that I had done during the day for Nail It magazine. I did manage to get 'em done, but my poor toenails are still bare. Which sucks because it's warm enough for sandals, and now I can't wear them. lol
Julep Rose,, China Glaze Concrete Catwalk french mani
This isn't exciting, but the shirt I have on is red/grey striped. So there ya' go. It smatches.  This red is Julep Rose, and then I just quickly freehanded a little tip with China Glaze Concrete Catwalk. It certainly isn't the best French mani I've ever done, but I didn't have time to use striping tape to make it perfect. It's not like anybody I see is going to critique my lines. And if they do, they might get punched. Unless they can do better, they had better just shut it.

I just now realized that my hummingbirds are probs going to like this red. I've been wearing red shirts to help draw them in, so I should be mobbed tonight between the feeder, the shirt and the nails.

I'm okay with that. 


  1. It is good to take a little break and enjoy your little friends. I was blown away the way they came and ate out of your hands. What I find even more amazing is how you can stay so still. I am too much of a fidget. As soon as someone says stay still, I get itches and urges to move. Maybe they will be inspiration for future manis.

    1. I can only sit that still because I brace my feet on the chair and put my elbows on my knees. You can't tell from the video, but I was actually kind of shivering...the wind got cold!! But for that experience, I will make myself sit still. I'm in love with them.

  2. Nice! Put the vid up on the blog!

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