Tuesday, August 27, 2013


My birdies let me down last night.  One of the baby boys flew up, hung around for a bit and then left without eating. After that I only had my own chow hound little girl stop for a bite. And that was it. Disappointing.

I wasn't really out there for very long...damn skeeters were on the attack last night. It was so warm and humid, and there wasn't any breeze to keep them away.  No wasps around, though! Not quite sure where they were, but methinks they should stay there.

It did mean that I had time to take off that purdy water marble. When I took it off, I really had no idea of what I wanted to do. That is called "piss poor planning".  I must have pondered a plan for an hour and then stared at my polishes and my stamping plates for another hour before I realized I'd better make a damn decision before it was too late to do anything at all. And that, my friends, is called "shit or get off the pot".  

Since I'm wearing a brown/cream/rust kind of hideous shirt, I figured I'd just stick with colors that aren't really smatchy but still work.
I don't think I've used my OPI Did You Ear About Van Gogh before, but I like it.  It made for a nice color to stamp on with Julep Olivia which is a really great chocolatey brown.  This is also one of my fave stamps on the LeaLac LLC-A plate. I used it awhile back with white over lavender. I keep wanting to use it again and then think, "oh, save it for another time."  Save it for what? I have no idea. For some reason I make myself not use things I like. That's weird, even for me.

So that's that. My toes are Van Gogh. I've never stamped on my toes. I probs should do that sometime. Of course, half the time I get my nails all done and then realize I've completely forgotten to do my toes. I hate doing them; big ol' PITA, if you ask me. There were actually a few weeks where it wasn't quite warm enough to wear sandals to work, and I was more than happy to just let my piggies be bare inside a pair of flats.  Gotta' wear sandals while the wearin' is good, though, so I guess I have to try to remember to paint them.

Don't know what I'm doing tonight. I'm uninspired at the moment and feeling a bit slumpish. Yes, slumpish is a word, or if it's not, it should be. I think that I should be able to add words to the dictionary anytime I want to. 

Wonder who I have to see about doing that.


  1. Of course you feel slumpish, it is to gloomy out to not feel that way!

    1. That only explains today, though. I've been slumpish for awhile. lol

  2. I want that plate! Lol Love this, Mombo! Sorry you feel slumpish, I feel the same and have for a while. Btdubs, slumpish sounds like a good word for the family dictionary anyway. ;) Great America was a nice break from that though, but right back to it today. :(
    I love you!

    1. It's an awesome plate, fo sho. Is that a Christmas hint?
      I didn't even know you went to Great America! So jealous.
      I love and miss you....still wish you could go this weekend.