Monday, August 5, 2013


Not a perfect weekend, but certainly not terrible.  I at least got a couple hours in the "cool" (as Griffin calls it) on Friday and on Sunday. Other than that I didn't really accomplish a thing. If I was smart, I would have spent the weekend trying to catch up on sleep, but that didn't happen.

I was very excited to find out that my first nail tutorial is in the August issue of Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa magazine. Since that wasn't supposed to happen until September, it was a pretty huge surprise. I haven't received my actual issue yet, but you can see the article here:  Les Nouvelle Esthetiques & Spa Magazine 

They did change a couple of things since I had written it directed toward people wanting to do their nails at home. They hadn't made it clear that I was supposed to be gearing it toward professional nail techs for how they can do things on their clients' nails.

They also added a line about a "smooth brush being impertive", which is not my line.....and it's also not me that incorrectly spelled "imperative" as "impertive".  They're supposed to be fixing that for the online version of the mag, but we'll see.

Now onto the mani. The most time-consuming mani eva! I actually tried doing just my thumb on Saturday night. Decided I could do it so I painted my left hand yellow and went to bed. The next morning I did a couple of more steps on my left hand and painted my right hand yellow.

Always topcoat. Somehow while I was in the pool I managed to screw up all of the nails on my right hand because I hadn't topcoated.  That meant I had to start over completely. Dammit.

It isn't a difficult mani, per se; but it sure took a lot of time. Doing my right hand was terrible! I sure wish I was ambidextrous. Or at least an ambi-turner. (some of you will get that).

So here it is! I don't know if I'll ever do another one, but I like this. And just for the record, I saw this mani somewhere else but don't know who to give credit to because there was no blog link.

And here's what I used:  China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, Kleancolor Pastel Teal, American Apparel Hassid, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure White Out, Sinful Colors Island Coral along with striping tape to make that initial "V", a tiny brush for filling in and a dotting tool to make lines.

I'll be wearing this until at least Wednesday. Way too much work to take it off.

Put it this way; this was so much work and took so  long that I don't even want to do my nails.


  1. Love, Love, Love... and happy that YOU love it, too! :)

  2. AH! I love you! I've been pondering all day 'how she done it?!' .... Now I know :) you ROCK!

    1. LOL...I love you, too, Rach. I wasn't sure if I should post the tutorial because I'm probs going to pass it on to the magazine, but I figured what the hell.

  3. Awesome tutorial! Your tribal print came out great :)

  4. I know how you feel. When you put a lot of effort into a mani, you don't want to take it off so quick. I am amazed at how many bloggers will create terrific designs and take them off right after snapping photos. I want to enjoy them for a couple of days. Your tribal nails turned out great.

    1. Today I'm now kind of wanting to take it off. I'm going to try not to until tomorrow, but we'll see how that goes. lol