Saturday, May 9, 2015


My hubby messaged me shortly before I was leaving work Wednesday. It was a pic of a hummingbird, hanging out on my front window feeder. I was so excited to go home!

The little brat never showed up again until around 8 p.m. I just happened to look up at the window while I was sweeping the kitchen and there he was. Made my night. 

Since then I haven't seen a whole lot of him, but I was pretty happy when I looked out the kitchen window this evening and saw 2 males in the back yard. I'm glad I had Kev hang 3 of the garage feeders. So I know I have at least 2 males. Now I just need them to be a bit more active, have the girls show up and then have weather pleasant enough to sit outside.

I was also happy to see my first Goldfinches of the year, and I found what I believe is probably a robin's nest in the shrub. It's sitting just high enough so I can't see if there are eggs or babies, but I just like knowing it's there.

I did this mani on Monday night and didn't take it off until last night. This blue got a bit sickening by day three.
Wet n  Wild Putting on Airs, Mundo de Unas MdU Turquoise, MoYou Sailor 07 stamp
I had gotten the light blue in a lot on eBay. I like these newer Wet n Wild polishes, and I got 7 of them for 4 bucks. This one is Putting on Airs. And of course I used another MdU stamping polish. This one is Turquoise, and the design came from the MoYou Sailor 07 plate.

I almost wish I hadn't topcoated this one. I stamped with the Mundo de Unas polish, and when it dried, the way it dried made it look like the old-time flocked wallpaper. I wasn't clever enough to even get a pic of it, and of course I've been kicking myself about that. But it was late, and I just needed to be done.

I'm definitely calling this one a success. It was a very bright manicure considering it wasn't neon. Like I said, by day 3 it was starting to grate on my last nerve.

No clue if I'll do another post over the weekend. Razzie is here and so are Kev's brother and cousin. My friends are bringing Seven over to play with her brother tomorrow evening, and then Mother's Day is Sunday. So painting nails or blogging may be taking a back seat for a few days.

Here's the latest bunch of cuties for what is hopefully the start of summer.

This fuzzy little babe was chillin' on the front porch for the longest time this evening. He's so cute!!
I haven't been lucky enough yet to get good shots of my hummerboy.
 And here's my cute little Goldfinch couple.
I sure do love when the birds come back. They simply make me smile.


  1. I love Spring too!! One of my favorite Spring chores is getting the bird/hummingbird feeders back out and filled :)

    1. It's the best!! Of course it barely hit 50 degrees today so it sure doesn't feel like spring here.