Wednesday, May 6, 2015


What the hell is going on in my house? This morning I was standing at the bathroom sink, and water started coming out of the shower. WTF. Not just a couple of drops, either; it was coming down like when you don't turn the shower off all the way. And it was off all the way and had been since yesterday morning. After it ran for about 30 seconds, it stopped.

So imaginary things falling and a shower that starts spewing water all by itself? I'm starting to think I'm going crazy or something. I even woke up in the middle of the night dreaming about being in some hotel that was actually some kind of psychiatric hospital. It was so warped I finally had to get up and stay out of bed to snap myself out of it.

I long for the first 52'ish years of my life where I never remembered a dream or work up from a nightmare. Is this also one of those fun "age" things? Nightmares almost every night? If I ever were to write them down every day and somebody found it, they'd commit me for sure. Seriously effed up stuff that makes me wonder what kind of brain it takes to come up with some of it.

Since I'm still obsessed with playing with those Mundo's, I just had to try stamping over a dark color. This was just a left-hand mani I did before the one from yesterday's post.
OPI Suzi Skis In the Pyrenees, Mundo de Unas 69 Tutti, DRK-A stamp
I didn't want to use black, but in the end it didn't really matter because OPI Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees is such a dark grey it might as well be black. I used Mundo Tutti and my DRK-A stamp. Speaking of DRK, they have all of their stamping plates in stock right now so if you've been wanting them, hop to it before they vanish again.

I would consider Tutti to be a purple/fuschia mix. This pic shows it very true to color over the dark grey. Of course I had to yellow-up everything else in the pic to show it. I had fun trying this, but I'm not a big fan of the actual mani. It was just a little practice session to test stamping ability. It was a success.

I fully planned on doing my nails last night, but after lunch yesterday I just started progressively feeling crappier. My stomach was mad at me for something, so I took about an hour nap, watched some tv and was in bed just before 12:30.

The plan was to be in bed by 11:30.  I swear I looked at the clock at 11:00 and figured I'd make it right on time. By the time I ate a yogurt, washed my face and put on my jammie-jams, it was after midnight. I don't know how that happens.

It's like a fall into a time warp of some kind whenever I try to get to bed at a normal person time.


  1. Okay... think you're right, you have lost it. :) How could you not LOVE this mani????????? Now I really want those darn DRK plates, crap. I think I also need to find that OPI polish. I have so many of there polishes that verge on black, but they either have a purple base or a red base. I don't have any gray at all. Love, love, love this mani!!!!

    1. There's nothing wrong with it, it just didn't' excite me much. Still fun to do, though!
      And of course you need those DRK plates....they are amazing!!! The OPI is a really
      good true dark grey. It's not a super old one, but you can always find it on eBay or
      possibly Amazon.