Sunday, May 17, 2015


It has not been a great weekend for a couple of different reasons. Some sunshine would have been nice to take my mind somewhere better, but today was damp, gloomy and kind of misty. The mist made the 60 degrees feel warmer but muggy.

While this is obvi not my favorite kind of weather, it does make the hummingbirds more active. So that I like. Today was the first day I heard some chatter and discovered that I have at least two females because they were jockeying for position at the window feeders.

This evening while I was talking with my daughter on the phone, I grabbed my new Hum-Dinger feeder and just went and stood on the front porch, phone in my left hand and the feeder in my outstretched right hand. The porch is right by my picture window with the two feeders, and since I was talking I didn't really expect to get any bird action.

I think I had been standing there for maybe 30 seconds when one of the females flew right up and ate from my hand. It thrills me every time as if it were the first time. That prompted me to get off the phone so I could make an actual effort with the birds. I then turned to go inside, slipped on the porch in my slippers and promptly fell on my ass. 

After glancing around to see if anybody saw my failed acrobatics, I went to the back deck to see if the birds would come to me out there. I didn't even care that the lawn chair was wet. I sat there for about 20 minutes. I had a couple fly-by's but no takers. I decided to grab my folding chair and head back out to the front. I probably sat out there for about 1/2 hour, and both little girls stopped by and ate from my hand. My night was made.

Here's one of the little darlings I snapped earlier today. I just love it when I get lucky and catch them with their mouths open.
I'm so anxious to just be able to sit out there every night, but the weather hasn't really been too great for that. I will say it is nice that the mosquitos haven't shown up yet. I have to keep reminding myself that it's only May; I have several months of hummer season and don't need to be in a panic that they'll be gone.

Last night I did decide to try out the other four thermals I won from KPT.
KPT Spring Around Me (green), KPT Roses for Juliet, KPT Delilac, KPT Kiss Me Before Sunrise (orange), thermal, color changing
The green is KPT Spring Around Me, the pink is Roses for Juliet, purple is Delilac, and Kiss Me Before Sunrise is the orange.

I think all five of these colors are really nice. I'm especially in love with the purple, which oddly enough, actually photographed perfectly. What the hell?

I suppose I should have put the blue one back on my thumb and just worn this as a skittle mani, but of course I didn't think of that until just this second. 

Of course.


  1. Love this!!!! The thermals are so fun!!!!!! I think my favorite is the orange/yellow!! :) Hope you have a good week!!!!

    1. I agree they are fun. I doubt I would have ever bought any so I'm glad I got these. I'm digging the purple.