Thursday, May 21, 2015


I feel like my long weekend has gotten off to a productive start. Yesterday after work I got the house cleaned, washed sheets, our pillows and our blanket. I bought a new blanket because the other one, which is also fairly new, wouldn't stay tucked in at the foot of the bed. We have a high profile queen size Tempurpedic bed which has given me nothing but trouble in finding blankets. I have a couple of super expensive down quilts that weren't really wide enough, so I had bought a really nice blanket from Kohl's. I thought I'd be clever and get a king size. All that did was hang down too long on the sides but still come untucked.

I've been searching for awhile and finally found an oversized queen blanket, and I'm finally satisfied. As I was putting it on the bed, Kev informed me that the other one kept coming untucked on his side because he's been untucking it. When I asked why, he said his feet get too hot. So all this time I've been swearing at it in the morning, and he was doing it on purpose. I have now told him to knock it off and learn how to put his feet out without untucking the blanket. That's what grownups (like me) do. I was happy to see the blanket still firmly tucked this morning. Of course, the extra 10" in the blanket length should make it a little more difficult for him to get out. 

Then today the guy came to clean the living room carpeting. I've been waiting to have that done since last spring. I didn't want to do it before we had the ceilings redone; didn't want to do it when the puppies were still here; then it was early spring and way too muddy outside as the snow melted. Finally all of those things went away and they were able to come and take care of it. 

I also cleaned out and refilled all of the hummingbird feeders which made them very happy. After that I had a doctor's appointment, and then we went off to buy flowers for the garden. I'm hoping to get a start on that tomorrow. Damn things were expensive! We spent over $400, and I'm still trying to decide what else to get for the front of the house. 

Tomorrow will be my only chance to play in the garden this weekend because from Saturday to Monday I'll be puppysitting Seven so her owners can go off and have a nice one year anniversary. 

Done boring you!

Here's my current mani. 
Cult El Porto, Square Hue Lincoln Road, Color Club Hot-Hot-Hot Pants, Essie No Place Like Chrome, Bundle Monster BM-XL11 stamp
I started off with a white base of Cult El Porto and then used that along with Square Hue Lincoln Road and Color Club Hot-Hot-Hot Pants for the gradient. I used Essie No Place Like Chrome and the Bundle Monster BM-XL11 plate for the stamp design.

I'm a fan of this. It needs to go, though, and it probably will tomorrow night, assuming I can think of something to put on in its place.


  1. I love it, Diane!!!! Gradients are so pretty, I think I pick the wrong colors or something... mine, when I try them are muh.... You do them like the expert you are!!! As for the flowers.. $400!!! Eck... we will need to SEE them!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

    1. Yup. Flowers were ridiculously expensive, and I wouldn't be shocked if I spend another $200 as I wasn't able to get Foxglove yet and haven't decided what else to put in front of the house other than the 6 hydrangeas I bought. We're also considering a flowering tree and just that is $100.
      For gradients, just try to pick polishes that are really opaque. Zoya's work great. For this one I actually painted the gradient directly on my nails as stripes. Then when it was dry I did the usual sponging method. It helps make full coverage easier. :)