Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I am happy to say that on Thursday morning our new bathroom vanity is finally being installed. I will be one happy little camper when I can finally move back into my own bathroom. Right now I have all of my bathroom stuff in the spare bathroom and have been getting ready in there. I am not a fan of it. It's just too small for all my junk. Evidently it takes a whole lot of work and product to make myself look presentable, and it seems like the amount of things really show up when there's no place to put them.

Our deck is pretty much finished, too! All that's really left is to put up something on the sides that cover from the bottom to the ground. I can't think of what it's called at the moment. Duh.

I'm also proud to say that all of my flowers have survived so far. Knock on wood. While we were downstate I got some gorgeous lilies from Kev's aunt. I can't think of what kind they are. There were a whole lot of buds that she had hoped would bloom before the party. We brought them home in a bucket, but it was too late to plant them so I left them sitting outside so I could try to figure out where I could put them. When I woke up yesterday morning, some of them had bloomed. It kind of made me panic about planting them once I realized I simply didn't have room by the garage. This makes me sad because that's where I really see the flowers. 

Immediately when I got home after work yesterday, I grabbed my gardening stuff and cleared a spot along the front of the house and got them planted. I hope they live.

Kev put the steps and platform in the pool yesterday, too. Griffin will be here for the 4th of July, and I'm hoping it'll be warm enough for him to swim. At any rate, at least the dogs will now be able to get in and out so they can. Tinlee has been staring at it longingly, so I know she wants in.

After five days of that coral mani, it was def time for a change.  I thought I'd do something I hadn't done in awhile, use clear for marbling.
China Glaze Diva Bride, Color Zone no name, Sinful Colors Bright Lights, WetnWild On a Trip, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, sponged water marble
First I painted a coat of Sinful Colors white and then sponged on China Glaze Diva Bride pink, Color Zone no name yellow, Sinful Colors Bright Lights blue, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet green and WetnWild On a Trip purple.  Once that was dry, I topcoated and then did my water marble with a Sally Hansen clear and Orly Liquid Vinyl.

I'm seriously loving this. If I'd had more time, I would have made the effort to do my toenails, too. That is a time-consuming thing that I've only done once, and since it was after midnight, it just wasn't going to happen.

Since I am pleased with how this worked, I'll probably leave it on for a couple of days. Then again, I do have part of a bathroom to paint so maybe not. 

It depends on if my "neat painter" status stays in tact.  I'm going to figure that if I was ever planning to make a mess while painting, it's obviously going to happen when I'm painting near a brand new floor.

Lattice!! That's what the stuff is called for the sides of the deck!!

Whew!! Brain function restored.