Monday, July 7, 2014


I hope your 4th of July weekend was fun. Mine was pretty busy, although "busy" may be a relative term since part of busy involved laying around in the pool for 3 hours on Thursday, 2 hours on Friday and 4 hours on Saturday. lol

Griffin also got into town Thursday night. Bob dropped him off at my house on Friday so he could attend my annual family cookout. After that I dropped him off at his other grampa's where he was then picked up by his dad to go to the fireworks. Kid had a busy day.

On Saturday he came over in the afternoon and then spent the night. Even though it was late in the day he still wanted to go in the pool because that kid loves the water. Too cold for me at that time of day, so Grampa Kev went in with him. He had a ball until he was so cold his lips were turning purple. Finally convinced him to get out, warm up and get dressed. We figured he was done with that for the day, but we were mistaken. An hour or so later he wanted to go swimming again, and Mr. Good Sport Kev took him back in for awhile. After that it was Pizza Hut for dinner, a walk around the neighborhood and helping me water the flowers.

Such a good kid. After playing inside for awhile and watching some Adventure Time, he just vegged out on grampa's lap for a bit. He was really starting to look sleepy. When I asked him for the 5th or 6th time if he was ready for bed, he said he was ready. Off he went, 6 cars in hand to line up in bed with him. I left the room, and 2 minutes later he asked for his semi truck. Good Lord. Of course I grabbed the wrong one so I let him go and find it on his own.

He was all tucked in and quiet, but neighbors at a couple of different houses started doing fireworks. And they do real ones, not legal ones, the kind you actually see way up in the sky. After some of the louder ones, I'd hear him tell me from his bed, "oh, that was a big one!"  I seriously want to eat him with a spoon he's so cute.

He left yesterday morning so the house is very quiet again. It's actually good that he left because I was really sick all day. I'm still not feeling great yet, but at least I'm functioning. All I did yesterday was nap on and off and eat Tums. I didn't even pick up the laptop.

I had planned to do my nails, but that obviously didn't happen either. But at least I do have this one to show.
Sally Hansen Color Foil Leaden Lilac, China Glaze Queen B, LeaLac B stamp
I had gotten 8 of the 10 Sally Hansen Color Foils, and this was the first one I used. It's Leaden Lilac, and I love it. I pretty much love all of them. I used my China Glaze Queen B for the LeaLac B stamp.                                                             

And then I ran around the house trying to get the color to photograph. No luck with that at all this time around, not even in the bathroom.  I had to wait until the next day to get a picture outside, and even that was difficult. I did finally manage to get this one, though.

I was happy with this one, and the Color Foil wore very well.

I think that's about all I have to report today. I don't really have anything major to bitch about, believe it or not. Nobody has pissed me off in something like 4 days now.

Shocking, but true.

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