Saturday, July 26, 2014


Wow. Newborn puppies are exhausting! I didn't realize when I got myself into this that it truly was like having a real baby. Sleeping at night is still intermittent, and I've spent the last two nights on the couch trying to sleep, "trying" being the operative word in this sentence.

Not only is the not sleeping difficult, leaving the house is also problematic. Today was Griffin's 4th birthday party, and since I don't dare leave them alone yet, Kev and I went to the party in shifts. Geez, at least with a human baby you can pack the diaper bag and go.

I was nervous just taking a shower today after Kev had gone for his party shift. This has got to get easier, right? Luckily the cuteness makes up for a whole lot of inconvenience.

 I mean, seriously....just look at those faces!!

Griffin was very specific this year about his color scheme for his birthday. Blue and black. He wanted 10 blue presents from his grampa; he wanted a blue and black semi truck cake; and he wanted his Gramma Diane to do blue and black nails.
You'd actually be surprised how much he takes notice of things like my nails. It's pretty hilarious. Very often he asks to see them and then says, "Oh, those are really cute, Gramma". He also happens to think my Coach purse is very cute. The kid is hilarious and owns my heart.

So of course I had to do my nails last night with blue and black. And when I got to the party, I got an "Oh my gosh! Those are cool, Gramma!"  So yeah....if the kid asks for specific nails, he's gonna' get 'em.
Zoya Blu, DRK-D stamp
I went with my favorite light blue, Zoya Blu. I grabbed my American Apparel black to stamp with, and I used my brand spankin' new DRK-D plate. Since Ninja Polish is no longer, I kind of figured I would never get another DRK plate. Even when Ninja was still around, the D plates only came as rulers. You couldn't get all the designs on one big plate like the others. I didn't want to buy them that way.

One of my nail buds posted a link a couple of weeks ago that showed the full DRK-D designs on one plate. I wasn't even aware before that you could buy directly from DRK. Duh. Why I  never thought to check into that before is beyond me. At any rate, I bought it immediately. And if they make an E, F or any other letter of the alphabet, I'm getting those, too! I just love them!

Now I am going to change the blanket in the puppy pen. Again. I seem to be doing a lot of that. My washing machine is going to get a real workout in the next two months.


  1. Daaaw! They look bigger already! Love the nails, I finally got some stamping done on mine last night:)

    1. They are definitely getting bigger! How could they not; seems they are eating constantly! Between them and Griffin, a whole lot of cuteness in my life. :)
      And what did you do on your nails?