Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Wow. I am so glad I had today off. It's the first day I've been home alone for something like ten days. And I'm a person that needs time alone to stay sane.

Unfortunately I spent it with a headache, and that sucks. So it was one of those lame-ass wasted days where I spent part of it dozing off and on, not really accomplishing much.  The only things I did were clean the puppy pen and make cookies.

I did get more sleep last night. The puppies only got me up one time, which was awesome! I look forward to the day when I can permanently go back to sleeping in my actual bedroom.

I won't kill you with a ton of pictures (and believe me, I could), but I will post a couple along with this YouTube clip to see a cute bit I caught yesterday.

So  yeah, I do have to post a few actual pictures.

It's so amazing to watch their little personalities develop, even at only 9 days old. I think a couple of them are going to be hell on wheels.

I also did find time to do a mani the other night. I just made sure to do it while Kev was still here because you just know those puppies would have needed something while my nails were wet if he hadn't been here.
Sally Hansen Color Foil Minted Metal, Square Hue Patty's Pint, DRK-A stamp
One of things I like about the Sally Hansen Color Foils is that they dry really, really fast. This one is Minted Metal. Then I just did a quick stamping with Square Hue Patty's Pint and DRK-A plate.

Now I'm off to clean the puppy pen again. In typical form, I cleaned it and 15 minutes later one or more of the brats made a mess. My washing machine is really getting a workout trying to keep up.

Those little gold bundles are worth every second. I don't even want to think about them leaving to go to their forever homes 8 weeks from now.

Tears will flow.


  1. Sooo sweet! I could look at puppy pics the way I look at nail pics so post away! Love the mani, super shiny!

    1. Good thing because I can't resist posting pics of all that cuteness. lol

  2. Puppies are soooo darn cute!!!!!

    Love the nails too. I know I asked you before...but what is the best nail stamper to get? I've got some virtual visa cards to spend and I want to get some nail stuff.


    1. This is the stamper I have and love it: