Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Since I am endlessly going to torment you with our recent remodeled stuff, I will once again put the mani first.

Before that, though, let me bitch for just a sec. I really don't hold any grudges against the fall season. Really I don't. Some of the fall days are beautiful.

Unless, of course, they occur in July. I am calling bullshit on this bullshit. Two days in a row in the 50's, windy and cold enough that I need a fall coat? Really? Screw you, Mother Effing Nature. You suck at life. And you suck even worse at weather.

Now, on to something a bit perkier. Coral.
Sinful Colors Island Coral, Loreal Precious Coral, MoYou Pro 01 stamp
It's obvious I did this one awhile ago just based on the lack of a tan. LOL

The base color is Sinful Colors Island Coral with Loreal Precious Coral for the MoYou Pro 01 stamp. It's okay. It is at least peppier than this weather.

Now for some more (boring for you, probably) house stuff. I just have to post pics of all we're doing after all the bitching I did while doing it.
Kev had refinished the deck a couple of years ago, but man, it just did not hold up at all. Baylee's toenails are large and hard as rocks and cause SO much damage.

This is what was done. Originally we had gotten an estimate to just get white vinyl railings. Just for that the estimate was something like $2,400. We were still going to do it.

Then when we were at Menard's one day, I suggested we go take a look at the white vinyl. Once I saw it and felt it, I hated it. It felt so cheap to me. We saw these other resin type posts and railings, and even though they were quite a bit more expensive, we really liked them. Then as I wandered a bit more I found that you could buy planks of that stuff that would go right on top of the existing deck boards.

We went home and once Kev did the pricing, he figured if he did all the work himself, we could do the entire deck for about $500 more than just the vinyl railing. No brainer.

Then when it came time to actually order that stuff, he found what he ultimately ended up using. Same type of thing but it replaced the boards instead of covering them. This def was the right thing to do. Our deck is so not level and so not square that putting boards on top would have been more than a little problematic.

It really isn't completely finished. There will soon be lattice-work that goes on the sides so there isn't access to under the deck. 

Hopefully it gets done very soon. I have no intention of crawling under there to catch puppies. It's dirty and gross and disgusting and has bugs, I'm sure. I've also seen a snake or two under there in the past. So yeah....no thanks.

I love it so much. We bought the solar lights for all of the posts, and it looks so pretty at night. 

Just one more pic; this is the addition to our garage. We've wanted a shed for a very long time to keep the lawn tractor and snow blower, and we decided to just add on to the garage instead. It holds the big things, and Kev is putting up shelves in there, too.
It's not very exciting, but it sure is a nice addition, and our fave construction guy did a great job matching 18 year old siding. He also did the entire thing in less than a day. That man is crazy good.

Pretty soon I'll run out of pictures of the house to show you. All that's left is my new bedroom floor, and I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of that yet.

But don't worry, I will!


  1. He did a great job on the deck. It looks terrific.

    1. Thanks, James! He really did do a great job. :)

  2. Envious of that lovely deck!

  3. Well, it looks a whole lot better now. I sure do wish it was bigger, tho!