Sunday, January 12, 2014


I'm happy to report that the cold snap has ended, at least for now. It's always funny how balmy 32 feels after a week of subzero. Of course then it snowed about 5 inches, but even that is better than the cold.

Kev is on his way home after being gone for 10 days. He isn't usually gone for such a long stretch so I'm looking forward to having him back. Poor guy won't get much of a chance to be lazy, though.....that Christmas tree needs to come down. While I do like my tree up until the week after New Year's, even I'm starting to get tired of looking at it. There isn't much I can accomplish on my own because I can't carry the storage bins in from the garage. 

For some reason I just started cleaning/rearranging random things the past few days.  I cleaned out and organized under the spare bathroom sink, cleaned out and rearranged the pots, pans and plastics in the kitchen. Today I decided to clean out the closet in the hallway, my bathroom and the spare bedroom.  I also went through my jeans and pulled some for Goodwill and rearranged all of my shoes. Just a weird, random bunch of cleaning for no apparent reason. I do feel accomplished, though!

My motivation seems to have returned. My inspiration is on the rise, too. I can thank my CNS contact person Shannah for that. I was starting to think they weren't going to use me anymore, but I got a message the other night asking for some specific designs for a print magazine I've never heard of. I'm assuming it's an industry magazine and won't mention its name for now.

It felt really good to have to do more than one mani at a time. I did have a few things already on file that I sent along, but here's one I did for them. 
Essie Muchi Muchi, rhinestone tips
I had a lot of fun doing this. Unfortunately I wasn't clever enough to make it the last mani of the night or I would have left it on. I have pretty good luck with rhinestones staying on, and it would have been fun to wear this to work tomorrow.

I forgot I had this pink, Essie Muchi Muchi. I love a good baby pink. In my stash, this one is actually the first one I numbered and swatched in my Helmer. Then I just used topcoat and applied pink and clear rhinestones. 

Super cute, I think. This is def something I'll try again, probably with different colors or maybe more rows or something. I don't know. It won't be anytime soon, but I'll keep it in mind.

I wish I had been smart enough to do a picture tutorial for it. NailIt magazine has told me to submit any tutorials I do, and I never think of it until I'm done. 

Sometimes I swear my fake blonde has gone to my real brain.



  1. Oooh Aaaah....! So nice, you don't use rhinestones nearly enough in your mani's! More pls!

    1. I rarely can think of what to do with them. lol