Sunday, January 5, 2014


Could I be any lazier? Probs not.

So far all I've done since yesterday is sit in front of the television. I watched the entire final season of Dexter yesterday, and so far today I've watched Les Miserables and am now moving on to Frankenweenie. I do love me some Tim Burton.

I take that back.  I did motivate myself enough yesterday to venture out and fill my gas tank since it was practically a heatwave at 24 degrees. That's the warmest we're going to see for a while with some record setting cold making its way in as I type. Poor Tinlee goes outside and can barely walk by the time she comes in. She does not like the cold on her toes. Baylee, on the other  hand, does not care at all. I tend to agree with Tinlee, and I don't plan on leaving the house unless it starts on fire. And even then I'd probs have second thoughts.

I might get ambitious and soak off my nails, but the idea of that doesn't thrill me. My hands are already so dry that an acetone bath does not appeal. It does need to be done, though.

Not a whole lot to say about this mani. Simple, but it's a nice look, I think.
Essie Good as Gold, China Glaze Medallion sponge tip
I started with Essie Good as Gold because it's such a nice smooth finish and then sponged on my fave gold glitter, China Glaze Medallion.

There really isn't much more to say about it. Gold. Sparkles. Pretty.

How do all of you remotivate yourselves to do nails when you're feeling slumpish? I've wandered the interwebs looking at so many nails I'm cross-eyed but still without a plan.

For now I'm just going to sit here, eat some of the goro cookies I made the other night and watch my movie. I'm also hoping my headache will go way.....the one I got from crying so many times during Les Mis.


  1. very pretty sparkles :) I love Tim Burton movies too (who doesn't lol) but didn't really care for Frankenweenie. Cookies sound like nice idea though

    1. I liked Frankenweenie, but let's face it, he's never going to top Nightmare Before Christmas.

  2. Done Dexter and Frankenweenie too! Love the nails, simple is all I seem to be motivated for at the mo as well. I just got a new phone for Xmas, so I've been trawling apps, there's some nice nail apps out there, mostly for inspo but some with tutes etc, when I'm not in the mood, I just fave a load of pics for when I am!

    1. If I were to put nail apps on my phone, I'd be on the damn thing even more! lol