Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I can't believe we are back to negatives in the temperature. Enough already!! I don't get to hibernate all the way through this time, either. Tomorrow I have an eye appointment. I decided it's time for new contact lenses since I've been seeing double out of my right eye for at least six months. I've grown tired of squinting.

Then on Thursday I get to work in the afternoon. Woo-hoo. I should actually make it there, too, now that my car has a brand spankin' new battery. I tried starting it today without trouble. I figured I'd let it warm up a bit before turning it off.....and then forgot about it for 20 minutes. Blonde moment.

In keeping with the negative temps, today I'm showing a negative space mani. Now, I had no damn idea what that even was. I had never heard of it. When I sent over that purple striped mani to NailIt, she asked if I could do a negative space tutorial. Well, sure I can! As soon as you tell me what in the hell that is. 

I did a google search, and she sent over a couple of examples. Ahhh, now I get it. Weird. I wasn't sure how it would look leaving negative space with my Custom nails, but it worked out.
It was odd to put striping tape on my bare nail, but here it is. Before sponging on my gradient, I painted a strip of each of my colors onto my nail. Once that was dry, I did the sponging. It made getting the coverage I wanted much easier.
After the sponging, I peeled off the tape, topcoated and cleaned up the mess.
Julep Susie, Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh Mint, Julep Amy, striping tape gradient, negative space
Once again, a whole lotta' striping tape action. I practiced a couple of different things on my thumb before I finally decided on this design. Then went it came to a color, I didn't want to just do a plain color against the bare nail. I haven't done a gradient in awhile, and once I tried it out on my thumb, the decision was made.

The lightest green is Julep Susie; Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh Mint is the medium; and Julep Amy is the darkest.  I wore this for a couple of days just because it was quite a bit of work.

And I still don't know if I like it.


  1. Nice colour combo! I'd prefer a base colour with it though, white or black.....?

    1. I couldn't use a base color because they requested the negative space where nekkid nail shows.

  2. That was very pretty. I liked it!