Friday, August 28, 2015


Recuperation has been a bitch. The first two days I didn't feel too bad, but the days after that haven't been so pleasant. I noticed a hematoma near one of my stitches, so that was causing some extra discomfort. I'm glad I noticed it, though. If I hadn't, it might have required actual followup. This way I was at least able to take care of it myself.

Hummingbird action has been completely out of control. They are not only on me the second I sit down, they are even eating from the extra feeders that are sitting on the table behind me when I'm out there. This afternoon I had 6 of them buzzing and divebombing all around me. It was pure heaven.

The girls decided it's orange week, and while I do have one hand painted at the moment, this is one from a couple of weeks ago. 
Sinful Colors Skylark, Mundo de Unas Caramel, Uber Chic 4-02, stamp
It's not really orange, but this Sinful Colors Skylark will have to be close enough. I stamped with Mundo de Unas Caramel and Uber Chic 4-02.

I love the colors but hated the mani. It just looks kind of like a smudgy mess to me and is definitely not my best work. 

Right now I'm pondering a water marble. I broke down and bought the water marble tool from Whats Up nail store, and I'm kind of itching to try it out.

I've pretty much failed at the no buy. Again. I picked up 10 bottles of Glitter Gal from Llarowe the other night, too. They are blowing them out at 75 cents a bottle so I just couldn't resist.

I also just now bought a refill bottle of Seche Vite on Amazon, too, but I never feel bad about buying that. The 4 oz refill along with a regular size bottle of it is only $13.94 shipped. Can't beat that price.

Now I'm off to wander the web for color inspiration for that water marble. It's really humid, though, so I don't know if things will even cooperate tonight.

Oh, dammit. I just saw Uber Chic has plates 5-01, 5-02 and 5-03 now. Somebody stop me from buying them!!!!!


  1. And the Uber Mat, Diane.. gotta have THAT!!! Ugh, tell me about it...!!!!! haha Not your best mani, will agree, but it's still pretty!!!!!! Saw the hummers on your FB page... we had 2 the other night, but that's all. Get to feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Already have the Uber Mat....bought it when I bought the 4 series. LOL

  2. I like but this colors is no my.