Monday, August 10, 2015


This weekend's weather sucked! I got about two hours in the pool on Thursday, but the rest of the weekend was mostly cloudy. I have a feeling my pool days for the rest of the summer are numbered, probs in the single digits at this point. Of course, I can certainly hope for hot weather that lasts throughout September. I can dream, can't I?

The weekend was absolutely fantastic for Hummingbirds, though! They have all just been crazy busy at my feeders. I have an adult male that is being super mean to a younger male, though. I've never seen anything like it. All weekend long I watched him attack this poor bird. I got some great videos and some pretty great pics, too.

The fighting went on all day Friday. I'll give the younger guy credit, though. He never backed down or flew away. He just stuck to his spot, and when the bully would leave, the little guy just went right back to eating. 

After putting the crab ass on blast over in my Facebook Hummingbird groups, I snapped a pic of him. Sassy-pants stuck his tongue out at me.
On Saturday, they were right back at it. After a couple of hours, I guess the juvenile got tired of it because at one point as the bully was resting, the younger guy flew up and knocked him right off the feeder. 

I am now ass-less from laughing.

I also spent a whole lot of time sitting in my chair in the front yard feeding the little darlings. It was seriously crazy out there. If they weren't landing on my fingers to eat, they were dive-bombing each other right next to me. I even had two that were nice enough to share the feeder with one sitting on my left index finger and one sitting on my right. It was awesome.

Last night most of the action seemed to be taking place in the back yard for some reason, and I stood and watched from the doorway as they all played and chattered and jockeyed for feeder position. Finally I had to give in and go sit on the deck, risking getting nailed by one of those wasps that are residing under the siding, but I just couldn't resist. It was worth it. Even the douchebag from the other night landed and ate a couple of times.

I did manage to soak off my nails and reapply them on Saturday and finally painted them last night.
Milani Hi-Tech, Mundo de Unas Papyrus, DRK-A, stamp
I started off with the lovely green holo, Milani Hi-Tech. Before I even started painting, I knew I'd want to get a picture of it on its own.

And then I went right ahead and stamped over it using Mundo de Unas Papyrus and my DRK-A stamping plate. So yup, I'm a complete airhead once again. You'll just have to take my word for it that Hi-Tech is super pretty all by its lonesome.

With that, here's hoping your week is wonderful!


  1. Twój blog kojarzy mi się z ptakami właśnie i trochę mi ich brakowało. Piękne są.

    And manicure is beautiful and very intresting!!!

  2. I don't know... I want to see the Milani Hi-Tech on it's own...

    And yes... our summer days are numbered for sure... :( I hate cold weather!!!

    1. You want to see the Milani on its own? Go paint your nails with must have it, right? LOL