Thursday, August 13, 2015


Summer is back!! And it looks like it will be here for the weekend. High's in the 80's in town which means close to 90 at my house. I'm so looking forward to pool time. I managed to sneak in a couple of hours today and came inside just as it started to rain. The rain didn't last very long, but it gave us a pretty good sized jump in the humidity. It was hot and stuffy enough that I actually closed up the house when I turned on the a/c. Even with that, I was still sweating my balls off when I was cleaning the house.

My time in the pool was spent watching the Hummingbirds and warding off wasps. So part fun, part annoying. After I got done cleaning, I sat out on the deck for a few minutes and fed some birds. They are going through more nectar than I think I've ever seen right now. All day long I get to listen to them chattering out there, and they are on me almost as fast as I sit down with the feeder in my hand. 

The gang over in Nail Fun chose white as the color of the week, and I decided to play along yesterday.
Square Hue iPolish, Essie Penny Talk, Dana3 stamp
I used my latest Square Hue, iPolish, for my white. I may have a new favorite white. The formula on this one is fantabulous!! The worst thing about Square Hue is falling in love with one and not just being able to order it. I'll be super saddy pants when this one runs out.

For my stamping I used Essie Penny Talk, and I used one of my new Dana stamping plates. This design is from the Dana3 plate.

For $12 I got ten Dana plates. I had run across some random link where somebody had used them and given them great reviews. I figured for that price, I'd take the risk. I'm happy I did. 

Now I have to try to force myself to stop buying stuff! It would be easier if people wouldn't constantly post pictures of their new pretties.

No buy



  1. You got those plates?? I did too!!! AND... I just put MY Square Hue iPolish on too! Oh wow... haha That is just too funny!!! But, I do LOVE that mani!!!!!!!!

  2. I have you to thank for telling me about the plates... I thought they were the ones I got on eBay... nope, these are all because of you! :) Thank you!!!!

    1. They really are nice!! I love getting stamping plates that I don't think are outrageously priced.

  3. I like it, but I don't like gold colour.

    1. It isn't really gold. It's more of a coppery color, like a penny. :)