Wednesday, August 19, 2015


I decided I'd call the surgical nurse before I left work yesterday to ask about nail polish and surgery. Her response was, "Technically, we're supposed to tell people to take it off of one finger on each hand". After a bit of discussion about what kind of nails I have on, she pretty much said "don't ruin a nail bed trying to get them off". 

Oh, don't worry, sweetie. I won't. It was very obvious that they don't really care one way or another what I do about it, especially since I told her I'd have nekkid toenails. In all honesty, I might just soak all of them off even though they haven't even been on for two weeks. That blue from yesterday left blue stains on a couple nails all around the edges. If it's still there when I take off this current mani, I might just go ahead and remove them.

I really wanted to do a light color last night, but those blue stains made me change my mind.
Julep Nan, Mundo de Unas  black, Dana7 stamp
This red is kind of a red/orange, I guess. It's Julep Nan, and I just grabbed Mundo de Unas  black and the Dana7 stamping plate for the design.

I didn't like this much before I went to bed last night. For some reason it has really grown on me during the day. I'm half tempted to just leave it on. 

We'll see how ambitious I feel after cleaning the house and cooking dinner.


  1. You probably like it because it reminds you of FALL... and today was cold enough to BE October, at least!!! Nice mani... good luck with the surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3