Friday, August 21, 2015


Another easy, breezy surgery out of the way. My nails were absolutely not an issue. The only nurse that even brought it up was a nurse that had her own nail art on that she had done herself. She said her little girl is really into painting ladybugs and stuff on her nails. Very cute. 

And no, I didn't slap her when she asked if mine were Jamberry. Ugh.

My rings were really the only problem I encountered, and the only ones I could actually manage to remove were my 5 tiny midi bands. I'm assuming they taped up the rest after they knocked my ass out. Getting them back on today wasn't easy. According to the scale yesterday, I have gained a pound, probably from the ton of candy that Tonya brought me as a gift for watching Razzie last weekend, and that pound evidently landed in my fingers. 

Surgery only took about 45 minutes, and I woke up in recovery in great shape, shocking yet another floor full of nurses. I was up and walking to the bathroom within minutes. My only moment of slight loopiness came when I first woke up and asked if everything went well. When I asked the exact same question probably 5 minutes later, I immediately told them I knew I had already asked that question. I don't really know how long they kept me in the recovery room, but when I was up and about in my room getting dressed, a couple of the nurses asked if I had really had surgery.  

We were outta' there before 4 p.m. with me showing no evidence of having been put under. We stopped at my daughters halfway home for a potty call and saw the grandkids. Toni texted me last night and said the kids didn't even realize there was anything going on with me at all, no clue I'd even had surgery. It's so nice to be good at something; for me I guess it's coming to after getting knocked out.

I'm not feeling nearly as crappy as I thought I would, which is nice. Bastards didn't even give me any good drugs! Doc said if I want to I can double up on my normal Vicodin dose. Of course if I do that, I'm going to run out of my monthly refill, so that's not cool. I guess if I'm feeling miserable enough to actually double up, I'll just have to call him and see if he'll call me in an additional prescription to cover the difference. As of right now I'm thinking I won't need to do that, but I still have some numbness and am not sure if when that wears off I'll have actual pain. We shall see.

Kev left this morning for the family reunion I'm once again missing, which sucks. If this stupid surgery hadn't thrown this month out of whack, I was really looking forward to going down to Ludington for the weekend and seeing the family. They are such a fun bunch of people, and I just love them all!

I still have the red and black on, and this is one I did a couple of weeks ago when I got the newest Uber Chic plates.
Sinful Colors Sail La Vie, Mundo de Unas White, Uber Chic 4-01 stamp
The blue, not quite periwinkle, is Sinful Colors Sail La Vie and I used Mundo de Unas White with the Uber Chic 4-01 plate.

Loved it. Love this color, and even though I was unsuccessful in perfectly centering the design on my left hand, love the design. For some reason when I stamped on my right hand, I centered them much better. No clue why. I suppose I could have shown that hand, but for some reason I find getting the hand pose on my right hand much more difficult.

Now I'm off to refill the kitchen window feeder. Again. When we got home at 6 last night, it was empty. It was so cute because I was in the kitchen filling it, and a hummer was outside the window looking in at me. As I walked outside to hang it back up, two hummers were on me immediately. I ended up standing there and feeding one of the little girls before I even got to hang it. Once she flew off, I hung it back on the hook and came inside. Then I just stood and watched the hummingbird shenanigans for a bit.

Before we left yesterday, I had Kev grab the one garage feeder that was getting low so I could get that filled. I had him get the front window feeders down for me today before he left so I could fill those. Then I looked out at the garage feeders and was shocked to see the other two empty! What the heck? I had glanced at one of them last night and figured I'd have him bring that one in to be topped off before leaving, but somehow between later last night and this morning's early morning feeding frenzy, they managed to completely drain two of them. Maniacs!

Best hummingbird summer EVER!