Monday, June 29, 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine wasn't too shabby at all. I finally got some pool time. That alone was enough to make my weekend. Even better, on Saturday my friends came over with their daughter to swim, and they brought Seven along for her first foray into my pool. To say she loved it would be an understatement.

Tinlee only went in one time. Seven, on the other hand, flew up and down those stairs probably 20 times and was in the pool at least 10. She was absolutely adorable. She liked it better when her owner was in the pool with her, though. When Laura got out of the pool and was sitting up on the deck, Seven just stood on the platform, looked at Laura and cried to try to get her to go back in. It was beyond cute. I can't wait for Zero to be here this weekend to see what he'll do. I'm also going to make sure to get Razzie and Major over one of these days so they can swim, too. Of course, Major lives on the lake so he is already a huge fan of water.

Poor Baylee can no longer navigate her way up the steps to the pool. She tried to go up them, got about halfway and then fell. I felt just terrible for her. She really wanted to go in the pool. She tried again on Sunday with the same result. I can't lift her 75 pound lard-ass into the pool, so Kev is going to need to re-do the stairs to lessen the incline. It breaks my heart to see her try things that she used to do easily, but her 10 year old hips just don't cooperate the way they used to. It hurts me as much as it hurts her.

I also managed to plant a few new plants that my mom gave me and went to a birthday party for a two year old. The weather was sunny with a nice breeze with temps around 80 at my house. Pretty much perfection all around.

After the bright mani's I had been doing, I did this softer one that I wore for a couple of days.
Zoya Lillian, Mundo de Unas cream, Bundle Monster BM XL-13 stamp
I had gotten in on the Zoya deal where all I had to pay was shipping, so I got three for $15. This slightly aqua blue is Zoya Lillian. I used the Bundle Monster BM XL-13 plate and Mundo de Unas Cream for the stamping. 

To those of you that have Mundo's, have you ever used a polish thinner in them? This cream one is way too thick. I'm debating if I should use my usual polish thinner or Seche Restore. I've never thinned a stamping polish before, and I really don't want to ruin it. So if you have thinned yours, tell me what you used, please.

This Monday is really dragging its ass. All I see is sunshine outside, and all I want to do is be outside in it instead of sitting at this damn desk. The bossman has wandered off to who knows where. Of course right after he left I actually needed him to be here. Now I'm sitting here with no way to finish what I started because I have a question about it. I hate when that happens.

I just want the day to be over. That's pretty much it in a nutshell. 


  1. Pretty Mani!!! Weekend swimming sounds great!!! Don't thin the polishes until you ask MDU what to use... they will be the best to answer that!!!

    1. I thought about asking them but figured I'd throw the question out there since I was typing. LOL

  2. I love it!!! I like this colours!!!