Monday, June 1, 2015


Today is my grandson's 16th birthday. So gross. I'm not sure where the time went, but it seriously seems like a blink ago that he was 2. I'd like to think that since he's 16 with a driver's license and a vehicle, that means he'll take a road trip to visit me. I do, however, remember being 16, and I wouldn't have walked 2 blocks to visit family, let alone drive an hour. So I won't expect him to be pulling into my driveway anytime soon. I'll still love him anyway. 

I just wish time would hold still for a bit longer. The grandkids getting older is making me older, and I don't appreciate it.

I bought a new shirt from Zulily awhile back and since it was actually going to hit 60 degrees today, I decided I'd wear it and do a mani with colors to match.

It's been forever since I did the loopy water marble. The last couple of times I started to, nothing would cooperate. I had much better luck yesterday. Every polish I chose worked, and I didn't have a single re-do. It made it fun.
Sally Hansen Hard to Get, Cult Hollywood Hills, Sally Hansen Peach Beach, Square Hue Collins Avenue, water marble
I debated on whether I should do a white base, but I decided to go with Cult Hollywood Hills. I then used that along with Sally Hansen Hard to Get, Sally Hansen Peach Beach and Square Hue Collins Avenue.

The neon orange Square Hue, the darker pink Sally and the much lighter pinky/peach by Cult all match the colors in my shirt exactly. Crazy close in color.

I like this one a lot. Whether I'll leave it on for another day completely depends on my motivation level after work. Mabes I'll just be too lazy to do something new.

If it ends up staying on, I'm good with it.


  1. Love it!!!! Ugh on getting granddaughter is preggers... that makes ME a GREAT grams... digest THAT for a minute!! Ugh!

  2. I wery like water marble :)