Tuesday, June 23, 2015


It is hard to get back in the swing of normal life after a vacation. Being at home seems too quiet after living with a crowd. To top it off, Kev left yesterday after being off since the 12th. He comes home Friday and then leaves again on Saturday. I miss him when he's gone so much.

I also am missing Tennessee weather. It's actually summer there. Here, not so much. We're barely cracking the mid-60's even though it's almost July. At this rate I'll never get to use my pool. Of course, even on the few days it has thought about being warm enough, it has rained. Awesome-sauce.

On Sunday night I decided to use this little sunshine in a bottle.
Studio M Neon Caution, KB Shimmer Dust in the Bottle glitter topcoat
This blazing yellow is Studio M Neon Caution. I grabbed it at Meijer while we were on our trip. I topped that off with KB Shimmer Dust in the Bottle which is a really fine glitter. It's "almost" a holo but it doesn't quite get there for me. I love it, though, since I really love super fine glitter.

I had planned on taking this off after work but instead I decided to just stamp over it.
Studio M Neon Caution, KB Shimmer Dust in the Bottle, Mundo de Unas Violet, LeaLac LLC-B stamp
For the added flowers I used Mundo de Unas Violet and the LeaLac LLC-B stamping plate.

I've been looking at this one a lot today. I can't decide if I love it or hate it. In the sunlight the KB Shimmer flashes a whole lot of rainbow specs, which is cool, but it's not like I get to sit outside all day to stare at it.

I'm already contemplating what to do tonight. I might have to break down and use something dark. It's only been two weeks, but I feel like my nails need to be redone already. The cuticle line is bugging me. I want to hold off for at least a few more days if I can.

Once my hair starts getting caught under them in the shower, though, I know their days are numbered.


  1. Well, I love it!!! :) And yes... mine need to be re-applied too... 2+ weeks, not even 3 weeks yet... I usually get 4 weeks... what is up with that!!

    1. I don't know about you, but to me it seems like my nails grow faster in the summer. I'm also feeling like I need to do new impressions, but I'm not going to bother unless they get pink back.

    2. I think the whole company needs a shake up or something... I tried to email them and it came back with one of those demon responses, "permanent fatal error" or whatever they say... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr But I still love my nails.

    3. I'd love to know what their deal is. Eventually I'm going to want a new set; they need to get it together.

  2. I like yellow and I very like this manicure :)