Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Sometimes I am just not in the mood to do a blog post. Obviously. I haven't done one since last Wednesday. I don't know if anybody is stalking it to see if there's a new post or not, and if you are, I apologize.

And I also will now apologize in advance for a probable lack of new posts next week. We are leaving on Friday for a good old fashioned road trip. We will be stopping for the night at my sis-in-law's, spending the night and then going the rest of the way to Gatlinburg, Tennessee on Saturday.

The place we are going is beautimous!! It's a gorgeous, huge house near the mountains, and Kev's whole family is going there with us. So a nice 5 bedroom house for 7 adults, 3 kids and at least 1 dog. 

I'm excited for this. We don't get nearly enough "whole fam" time with everybody, so this promises to be a fantastic week. I'm hoping the weather forecast is lying. If it isn't, it once again means that rain is going to follow me like it always does and try to ruin my fun and pool time. The temps are supposed to be in the 80's, which is fantabulous, but there is also like an 80% chance of rain every damn day. I don't know why black clouds insist on following me wherever I go. With any luck, that percentage means it might rain for 10 minutes and then go away for the rest of the day. I can hope.

On Sunday I reapplied my nails in preparation for the trip and then did this, which I still have on today.
China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le, Mundo de Unas white, LeaLac LLC-A stamp
What we've got here is China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le stamped with LeaLac LLC-! and Mundo de Unas white.
I like this simply because I love that color. The end.

Now I need to think of what to put on my nails for vacay. And on my toes, which are bright orange from last week. I haven't even worn a pair of sandals yet so it hasn't really mattered, but I will have to make them  presentable for the trip. I might just do a neutral so I can leave them alone for the entire time we're gone.

I will say, though, that one nice thing about driving for this trip is the fact that I'll have an entire car I can fill, I can bring a whole bunch of nail stuff if I want to. And I want to, so I'm gonna'.

I need something to do if it rains, right?


  1. Hoping that it is a Florida-like rain. Starts and finishes late in the afternoon, with sunshine on either side of it. Regardless, hope you have a great vacay!

    1. That's what I'm hoping, too!! Do you know when you're coming up here?