Friday, June 12, 2015


I am really glad I'm now off until the 22nd, but it was a busy couple of days getting ready to leave town, which we are doing in about a half hour.

First up, got my hairs did. Last Thursday I got a much needed cut and color, and Wednesday after work I got a keratin treatment. Also much needed. I haven't had that done since September. I love having that done. It makes my hair feel fantabulous for months. This time I bought a new brand that doesn't need a 3 day wait until it can get wet, so that'll be nice. I hope it still works as well as the other stuff.

From there I popped into the tanning bad for a quick 20 minute snooze. After that I was hoping to finish planting the rest of the flowers. I had to wait until Kev pulled out a shrub, so he did that while I was at work. Then I'll be doing some last minute laundry and house cleaning.

Unfortunately after getting done with dinner, my stomach was hurting, so no planting got done. And of course yesterday it was misty and rainy starting from about 11 a.m. I did manage to get a couple of things taken care of in the back garden but was then forced inside by the weather. I was pissed!

I whipped up a fresh batch of hummingbird food, washed and refilled all of the feeders. I haven't seen too many birds the past couple of days. I'm hoping they're just nesting and will be back to business as usual by the time we get back home.

Finally late in the day I decided I was just going to have to go out in the mist and get the hydrangeas planted. Kev was a big help, so we managed to get it all done. The UPS man came while we were out there and brought me my new fountain. Kev put that together so even that got set up.

Tuesday night this is what I did.
Barielle Polished Princess, Mundo de Uas black, DRK-D stamp
It was actually prettier in person. The green is Barielle Polished Princess, the black is my Mundo de Unas stamping polish and the design is from the DRK-D plate.

I was a smidge irked that I did a mani using black stamping polish. My order of 14 Mundo's that I purchased through a group buy came, and even with all those colors to stamp with, I drew a complete blank on what color combo to do.

I finally came up with a mani to do last night, and once again, got all finished with it, had most of my stuff put away and then realized I once again forgot to do my toes. Seriously. So I had to get out stuff all over again and then just slapped on some light purple. Done and done.

And then I went and packed a large plastic bin of nail stuff to take on the trip. Don't know if I'll feel like doing them or even have time, but God forbid I get somewhere and realize I'm forced to leave the same thing on when I don't want to.

That would be terrible!!


  1. I could live with this for a long long time! haha I do love me a nice GREEN! :) Have fun on vaca!!!