Monday, June 23, 2014


It was not too fantastic a weekend. Chilly and rainy for the most part. Yesterday we finally saw sun and temps in the 70's. 'Bout damn time. Too bad it isn't lasting, as mid-week we're supposed to top out in the 50's.  At least my two day weather headache finally left yesterday.

One bright spot of rainy weather is a lot of hummingbird activity so at least I had something fun to watch while I was stuck inside pouting.  Seems to me I was bitching about cold, craptastic weather last June, too. The hummers were very busy during the rain! And they are extra adorbs when it's rainy because they hunker down and get all fluffed up. Check out this little guy. I just love when I manage to catch one with their mouth open.
And here's his date for the weekend. I used a flash on this pic so the color is off a smidge, but she's still cute.
And even though I said I was going to stop being a lookie-loo at the Robin's nest.....
In all fairness, I only looked because the dad flew off as I went to get the mail. And I conveniently had my camera in my hand. Honestly, I was kind of afraid that the third egg wasn't going to hatch because it hadn't hatched when the other two did. So I was actually being very nice by looking.

Daddy, on the other hand, did not think I was being nice. While I was sneaking a peek and a pic, he was swearing at me. Loudly. Then he landed and actually ran towards me as fast as his little spindly legs could go and stopped just a few feet from me. He was bitching at me the entire time. I told him to chill out because I was already leaving. Sheesh. Grumpy old man much?

He's in for a rude awakening because I will be looking again. And again. I'm anxiously awaiting for them to get all their feathers so they'll be cute.

The weather forecast for this past Thursday was rain in the morning with sun and low 60's in the afternoon. Normally a forecast of 60's would mean it'll be around 70 at my house. When I left work at noon, I was fully expecting that I'd get some pool time. Sadly when I did get home it was still cloudy and windy, and that wind was cold!

My solution for that was heading off to the tanning place to at least get some fake sun. I walked out of there 30 minutes later to full sunshine outside. Really??  When I got home I asked Kev if the weather decided to change just because I decided to go tanning, and he said that 5 minutes after I drove off, the sun came out.  It still was no heatwave, but I figured it would be warm laying on the raft. 

Off I went to throw on the bathing suit. Then I spent 20 minutes skimming all of the tree seeds that have been accumulating in the pool. Seriously, I should have an actual tree growing in that pool by now. Onto the raft I go, being very careful to stay dry. My pool thermometer keeps saying the water is 74, but there's no way I'm buying that. Methinks I need a new, more honest version. That water was chilly!

After about an hour and a half, I decided to call it a day because I had to re-shower to go out to dinner. 

And later that night, my lesson was learned. In the form of a bright red face. Evidently it is not a genius move to remove one's makeup for the tanning bed and then lay in the real sun. I so should have sunscreened before hitting that pool.  It started to itch on Friday, so I waited for the peeling to begin. And Saturday it did, but for some reason just on the sides of my face right by my chin.  Cuteness.

Actually, this is the third lesson I've learned this year. The first one I learned was that the coconut oil I've been slathering on before tanning the past couple of years is actually a natural sunscreen. Guess that explains why I didn't get as dark as I usually do.  The second lesson I learned was that if I start my tan in the real sun using tanning lotion, I burn and then peel like a mo-fo. I was so happy to see my legs get tan for the first time ever using the real sun instead of the tanning bed. I was not so happy to then peel from my ankle all the way up to the top of my legs. And not everywhere, just dead center. I guess starting in the tanning bed is still the best way to go for me because I work my way up and don't burn.

Lessons learned. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Apparently you can as long as I'm the old dog.

In the midst of catching up on some tv last night, I grabbed my trusty striping tape to do nails.
Orly Lollipop, American Apparel Sweetpea, Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine striping tape
I like the Orly Lollipop light pink, but in person it is completely hideous on me which is why I decided to three-tone it using American Apparel Sweetpea and Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine.  Grapevine is one of those polishes I have extras of because I used it in a lot of water marbles back in the day.

A huge problem with it is it doesn't stay on well at all. I think I had tip wear before I went to bed last night, and I hadn't even been doing anything.  So now I'm sitting at work being annoyed by how they look.  

I don't really feel like doing my nails today so who knows what I'll do about it. Maybe I'll just really be lazy and touch up the tips. Blech. I'm simply not in the mood.

That might change once I leave the office. The air conditioning doesn't seem to be working at all, which normally would suit me just fine. It was nice coming into work and not throwing on my sweater to ward off the bone chills. Now that the lights have been on all day and the sun has started to shine directly into my office, it ain't so great. 

I'm still hoping the bossman doesn't notice, though. I'd rather sit here sweating than have to wear that winter sweater.


  1. Diane, I just discovered your blog and I just love your writing. You are so natural and funny, just like a breath of fresh air.
    I also like your mani, it's cute and it looks like a special gradient.
    Btw, I also had a headache for about two days, in my country is raining in one day and super hot the next day. Damn weather, worse than a woman with PMS.

    XoXo from Romania :)

  2. I'm happy you found me and that you like what you see. lol
    Hey, I went to Romania for 23 days with my high school chorale when I was 17 back in 1977.
    I would love to go back again; I'm sure I would appreciate it so much more now.

  3. Lovely nails! Here in Finland we have had snowfall, hail, rain. Argh! I thought, it's summer... :D

    1. I am never, ever going to Finland. lol