Wednesday, June 11, 2014


It looks like the water problem may be solved. Supposedly. Allegedly. We shall see, hopefully by the end of next week. Kev called a well place and found out that to bleach the system costs $60-$80. We'll need to do that twice a year. I can live with that price. Much cheaper than the cartridge thingies they wanted us to buy for the other fixup for the system. They say that they should be able to make the modifications to our system at the end of next week. I'm crossing my fingers, but I'm certainly not going to get my hopes up again.

I did take all of my clothes and shoes out of our closet last night. Man, that was quite the job! It did inspire me to get rid of two garbage bags full of shirts and sweaters and a garbage bag full of shoes. So my side is completely empty, and I can no longer see the bed in the spare bedroom. No idea where the hubby is going to put his clothes. I also have no idea how I'm going to dig through the piles to find clothes for work tomorrow.

Whenever I water the flowers in the front yard, I pass shrubs on the side of the house. A Robin flies out of one every time. Last night I finally took the time to snoop to find the nest, and here's what I found. 
I didn't even notice but others pointed out that the nest is heart-shaped. How cute is that! The mommy was not thrilled with me for peeking, but she better get used to it since I'll be doing that a lot. This one is in such a nice, easy place to get much better than the one in the garage. I can stay on the ground, which is much preferred to the top rung of a ladder. I'm looking forward to the babies.

Lately it seems that everybody is doing fancy-schmancy stuff with their stamping. I decided to try something a little different, too. I got those four new MoYou plates and completely forgot that the one I bought I got because there was a hummer on it.

I started out by doing a light blue, and then stamped on that with white. Then I took my smallest dotting tool and filled in colors over the white. This worked fine on my left hand. Doing the right hand was not as easy, but I did manage to get 'er done.

When all was said and done, I thought it turned out pretty cute. And after all that work (and it was work), I never wore it anywhere. I did it on Saturday night and took it off Sunday night to do something else. Dumb.
MoYou Pro XL 13 stamp
I don't even know what people are calling it when they do this, but I'm sure it has a name.   And don't even ask what colors I used because I have no idea. It took forever, and I put everything away without even thinking about taking down names. All I know is the stamp, MoYou Pro 13.

As I'm typing this and looking at it again, I think I like it more than I originally thought.

Guess I should have left it on for at least another day.


  1. Cute! I think it's called nail art! haha ... I don't know any other name for it at all...looks entirely too difficult for me!!! You did a terrific job!!!!!!!!!!! Don't disturb that nest too often...the mother will abandon it if she feels threatened!!

    1. Always with the wise guy answer. LOL
      It really wasn't difficult. Stamp with white and color it in.
      Oh, I won't overdo it with the nest. I just want to get a pic when the babies are feathered and cute.

  2. Cute eggs! Oh my god, how lovely colour they have... You coul do robin egg nails...

    1. The eggs are adorbs. Actually, this mani is pretty darn close to that blue.

  3. Love the eggs and the nails! So blue!

    1. I love Robin's eggs. Such a pretty color.