Monday, June 9, 2014

NAILS, A WOODPECKER, AN ORIOLE (and a Partridge in a pear tree)

37 degrees when I got up this morning. Seriously? Did I blink and miss summer again? It had jumped to 50 by the time I left for work, but just the fact that I had to turn the heat on this morning pisses me off.  I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised. Now that we installed air conditioning, it figures that summer will now be so cold that we won't need it.

For some odd reason, the pool water was up to 74 yesterday. I'm scratching my noggin' on that one. Usually when we fill it, it takes a good week of sun for it to get anywhere near that. For some reason the temp of it jumped right up even before I put the solar rings on. Weirdsville. Not that I'm able to use it anyway. I probably would have attempted to float yesterday afternoon, but even I have limits to how green the water can be. I hope I can get it cleared up soon.

Yesterday morning I was in the living room and saw a flash of yellow out of the corner of my eye. Scared me! Then I looked and saw this sitting on the hummingbird feeder.
I knew we have Orioles here, but even though I live near the woods, I've never seen one. He's a beauty. I felt kind of bad for him because his beak is too big to fit in the feeder hole. I guess now I have to get a damn Oriole feeder even though I have no clue where I'll put it.

This morning when I went into the kitchen, I glanced out at the feeders like I always do, and I saw this guy grabbing some breakfast. I was so glad I was able to catch some pics.
This big guy is a Red-Bellied Woodpecker. I always hear them in the trees and have only seen him one other time, but he flew away too quickly for me to catch a pic.  Well, I did catch one pic when he landed on the utility pole, but basically it was just a pic of a blurry butt.  

My hummers have been kind of quiet, which is annoying me. I did see a new babe on the feeder one morning. They're so damn cute when they first leave the nest, all fuzzy and short and chubby. I wish I could have gotten her pic. Woe is me.

My Robin eggs have hatched in the garage, and the mom and dad have been in and out constantly to feed them. I really want to get up on the ladder to take a picture, but right now there is too much stuff in the way. It's also going to be hard to find a minute when one of the parents aren't there. I don't want to disturb their schedule if I can help it.

Are you tired of all the bird stuff yet? I hope not because right now they are taking up more time than my nails. lol

I have been doing my nails; I'm just finding it hard to get my blogging done. It's much easier to do it when I'm at work in my free minutes. At home with all of the stuff going on, there don't seem to be many spare moments. Hell, I even helped with the building of the deck last week! I told Kev when it's done, I'm taking credit for it. 

I did this one with one of my MoYou plates. I really like those plates. So much so that I just received four more. Gotta' love having a PayPal balance!
Sinful Colors Out of Bounds, MoYou Pro Collection 01 stamp
For some reason I didn't notice until after I took my pictures that my pinkie nail is screwed up. By then I didn't think it was worth it to drag all my stuff back out to redo it. I also wish I hadn't black tipped it. That black tip was a friggin' disaster by the time I got done with worth the next day. It didn't hold up to typing. At all.

I used Sinful Colors Out of Bounds, and I stamped with the Mash black stamping polish and the MoYou Pro Collection 01 stamp. For the tip I used Sinful Colors Black on Black. Evidently that was a mistake.  Needless to say, even though I liked this one, between the pinkie mistake and the effed up tips, it only stayed on for a day.

And now, I shall work. Because it's Monday. Blech. Hate it; don't even know why we have it.


  1. I think it's really nice to read something about your life, not only about nails. Here in Finland we have summer now. It's 17 degrees outside tonight... :) By the way, you nails look so pretty!

    1. Ummmm, 17 degrees?? That, my dear, is NOT summer! lol

    2. Here it's summer! Everywhere we have green... :D